Son Heung-min expresses no interest in Arsenal’s title chances
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Son Heung-min expresses no interest in Arsenal’s title chances

The 20th round of the 2022-23 Premier League has not yet started, but Tottenham will soon be at home against Arsenal. When Sun Xingmin faced reporters and asked about the possibility of Arsenal winning the championship, Sun Xingmin bluntly said that he was not interested.

Arsenal currently top the Premier League table with 44 points. Arsenal have only lost 1 game in 17 games. However, Tottenham have 33 points and are currently ranked 5th. If Tottenham win the game against Arsenal, they can get 3 points and squeeze into the top 4, so as to ensure their qualification for the Champions League next season.

In the recent Premier League match, Arsenal beat Tottenham 3-1. Now Tottenham also urgently need to win the game to get those 3 points, so this North London derby must be very exciting, and it can be said to be a battle of revenge for Tottenham.

Before the game, Sun Xingmin was interviewed by reporters. When the reporter asked about Arsenal’s recent state and whether he would win the championship, Sun Xingmin said that he was not interested, and let the reporter understand that he did not want to discuss matters about the opponent.

Heung-Min Son added: “I think the fans are really disappointed when we lose away from home, so I think we have a tough task at home. Every player has to be ready to put in the game and we are up for the challenge. ”

Sun Xingmin was the top scorer in the Premier League last season, but this season Sun Xingmin only scored 4 goals. Speaking of this matter, Sun Xingmin only said indifferently: “I didn’t expect to score a lot this season. Football is like this. Even if the statistics show that I am not playing well, I am still doing my best for the team.”

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