Silly Idea Todd Boehly’s: Premier League ‘All-Star’, Klopp Comments|77577sports
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Silly Idea Todd Boehly’s: Premier League ‘All-Star’, Klopp Comments|77577sports

Boehly, Chelsea manager gave surprising news. Since leading Chelsea, the American man has not been separated from the public spotlight. Previously, Boehly famously sacked Chelsea coach Tuchel after losing to Dinamo Zagreb. Boehly dumped Tuchel for no reason and considered his performances last season. This makes netizens judge that Boehly does not understand the world of football at all.

FSV Mains sporting director Christian Heidel has expressed his opinion on Tuchel’s sacking. Heidel said the sacking was like the process of sending grain to a factory, in contrast to investors in football. Someone who doesn’t understand football, might think it’s not good to be in sixth place and then say, ‘Better find another coach’, even though it’s only been six games.

This time, Boehly was again in the public spotlight for making a ridiculous and strange proposal. Boehly said to form an All Star Premiere League match. The 49-year-old man submitted the proposal at the SALT conference in New York, United States. He compared the English football game to the All Star game in America.

“I don’t understand why the Premier League doesn’t have All Star games. We think we can make a South All Star North version for the Premier League, besides that the All Star game in America can generate a lot of revenue.” said Boehly.

Boehly’s strange and ridiculous proposal reached the ears of Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp. Klopp was not comfortable with the idea that was presented by Boehly. Klopp satirized Boehly by imagining that if, for example, there was a star wars match, there would be a team like the Harlem Globetrottters, made up of a mix of professionals and comedians.

Silly Idea Todd Boehly's: Premier League ‘All-Star’, Klopp Comments|77577sports

According to the Daily Mail, Klopp has said that all he can say is this, does he want to take the Harlem Globetrotters and play against a professional team?

Klopp reminded Boehly that American and English sports are two very different things. Boehly doesn’t seem to be aware of the hectic schedule of the Premier League, where a number of teams have to play on the European stage. Unlike the United States, where sports competitions have a gap of up to four months.

“When he can find the right date please contact me,” Klopp said.

In addition, Klopp also questioned whether everyone wanted to see players from members of The Big Six play in one team.

“Just imagine, Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton players all united in one team. Then, London club players together? Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, cool. He actually said that? Interesting,” said Klopp.


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