Shin Tae-Yong: “Iwan Bule Resigns, I’m Resigning from the Indonesian National Team
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Shin Tae-Yong: “Iwan Bule Resigns, I’m Resigning from the Indonesian National Team

Shin Tae-Yong: "Iwan Bule Resigns, I'm Resigning from the Indonesian National Team"

Shocking news came from Shin Tae- yong. Indonesia’s National Team trainer, Shin Tae- yong hovered to abdicate. If Mochamad Iriawan also abnegated from the position of General Chairperson of PSSI.

As we know, Mochamad Iriawan is presently in the public limelight. Where is the Kanjuruhan tragedy that has claimed numerous victims. Not a many have asked Mochamad Iriawan to be responsible for the tragedy. videlicet, by relinquishing from his position.

The netizen’s asseveration seems to have also been heard by Tae- yong’s cognizance. Through his particular Instagram, Tae- yong issued a statement that was relatively surprising. Tae- yong admitted that he’d withdraw from the Indonesian National Team. If Iwan Bule fulfills the demands of the community to abdicate.

According to Tae- yong, all this time Iwan Bule has been trying hard to advance Indonesian football.

” Someone who really loves Indonesian football with sincerity and gives full support from before. So that football can develop is the General Chair of PSSI,” Shin Tae- yong noted in an Instagram post.

Contents of Shin Tae- yong Instagram Upload

Shin Tae- yong considered Iwan Bule to be his mate in the thing of advancing Indonesian football. Tae- yong admitted that he was ready to abdicate as well. Because he thinks Iwan Bule is his teammate.

” In my opinion, if the General Chairperson of PSSI must take responsibility for everything that happed and abdicate. also I must abdicate.” wrote

” Because I suppose if there are miscalculations from associates who work together as a platoon. also I also have the same miscalculations. We’re one platoon, that is my football gospel.” wrote the South Korean trainer.

Tae- yong himself admitted that he sympathized with the victims of the Kanjuruhan tragedy. still, Tae- yong considered it illegal if Iwan Bule came a goat. According to Tae- yong, the Kanjuruhan tragedy wasn’t the fault of one person alone.


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