Seriously! Real Madrid ready to leave the Champions League, why?
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Seriously! Real Madrid ready to leave the Champions League, why?

Seriously! Real Madrid ready to leave the Champions League, why?

Defending Title Holder Real Madrid is in danger. Because their idea of ​​starting the Super League some time ago threatened to drop out of the 2022/23 Champions League. Real Madrid were worried and prepared for the worst. If you have to leave the prestigious competition in Europe. Florentino Perez, as President of Real Madrid, is also aware of this. He had guessed the outcome of the court’s decision.

According to Mundo Deportivo, El Real is currently witnessing legal proceedings in the Courts of the European Union. While the decision of the European Union Court of Justice will come out at the end of 2022, or the idea of ​​forming a European Super League in early 2023 becomes a stumbling block for Real Madrid.

The club, which is based in Santiago Bernabue, is worried if it loses to UEFA. Real Madrid’s defeat is one of the reasons for being expelled from the title holders’ League. Meanwhile, Real Madrid previously had up to 780 million euros between the warehouse and the credit program. Worst case scenario is not fit to share in the title holders League for several seasons.

According to Vozpopuli, Los Blancos had previously raised enough of their own capital. That is to face the entire season with the same volume of spending, without waiting for results in the title holders’ League. In fact, Real Madrid have tried to reduce the level of debt/disbenefit to zero. So that E Real will get high credit quality. In addition, it is reported that Real Madrid will also lose one of its flagship players on the front lines.

Asensio leaves Real Madrid

The club grounded in Santiago Bernabue will also be left by one of its flagship wingers last season, Marco Asensio.
Asensio leaves Real Madrid

UEFA held a rivalry event involving Real Madrid causing new problems. If El Real lose in court, then expatriates haunt them. In addition, Real Madrid also does not deserve to share in the League title holders for several seasons. One of his flagship wingers last season, Marco Asensio will leave the club based in Santiago Bernabue.

In fact, according to transfermarkt, Asensio has collected 12 pretensions and two assists in all competitions he has played with Los Blancos. In addition, so far the Spaniard has contributed an aggregate of 50 pretensions and 24 assists for Los Blancos in all competitions.

This record is quite slick for a winger, considering that he has also played 239 matches while at the El Real livery. Lack of playing time caused Marco Asensio to decide to leave. The reason, Carlo Ancelotti often put himself on the bench.

Launching Transfermarkt, so far the 26-year-old player has only played four matches of all matches played by Real Madrid. Meanwhile Asensio’s anger peaked when Real Madrid challenged Mallorca. He showed a disappointed expression when told to return to the bench by Ancelotti, after warming up. This has led many clubs to want to sign Marco Asensio in future transfer requests, given that he looks uncomfortable at Real Madrid.

Barcelona Optimistic Gondol Asensio

Spanish League club (LaLiga) Barcelona is reportedly interested in kidnapping Los Blancos winger Marco Asensio. With the capital of’ interposers’, the Catalans are auspicious that they can bring the 26- time-old player to Camp Nou. Not without reason why Barcelona wanted Marco Asensio. The reason is, his stay in the capital megacity of Madrid is shrouded in a big question


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