Serie A – Away to Udinese, Roma looks to continue to reach the top of the table
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Serie A – Away to Udinese, Roma looks to continue to reach the top of the table

Roma, who once topped the standings with a 3-0 win over newly-promoted Monza in midweek, will go away to challenge Udinese in the fifth round of the Serie A, and look to win 2 consecutive victories and continue to score points top position.

Jose Mourinho’s Roma have won 3 wins and 1 draw so far this season, and they were first in the standings with 10 points. However, the strong opponents behind him are Inter Milan, Juventus, Napoli, the defending champion AC Milan and Lazio and other strong opponents continue to score points, so Mourinho’s team has no room for easy challenges in this campaign.

In terms of Udinese, after the Zebras lost to AC Milan 2-4 at the beginning of the new season, the team’s overall state has rebounded significantly recently, with 2 wins and 1 draw in the past 3 rounds. So Udinese can tie Roma with only 3 points, so Roma will never be allowed to win easily.

In addition, the two sides have played against each other 96 times in the history of Serie A. Rome has the upper hand with 50 wins, 24 losses and 22 losses, and has a slight advantage in away games with 21 wins, 12 losses and 15 losses. In the past two seasons, Roma have won 3 wins and 1 draw against Udinese, so this campaign is another tough battle.

In terms of lineup, Roma has Dalbo, Wijnaldum, Zaniolo, Kumbra and Shalawi are still on the injured list, while Udinese has Buta and Massina still injured It is still unknown whether he can play in this campaign, and Perez has been suspended.

The rest of the games also include newly-promoted Mark Remona at home against Sassuolo, looking to end a 4-game losing streak, as well as Polona’s visit to Spezia and Verona’s home game against Sandoria.


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