Sancho’s one-shot victory helps Manchester United win third straight win to bid farewell to season’s sluggish start
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Sancho’s one-shot victory helps Manchester United win third straight win to bid farewell to season’s sluggish start

The fifth round of the Premier League came to a successful conclusion today . Manchester United played against Leicester City. 22-year-old striker Jadon Sancho scored the only goal of the game to help Manchester United win 1-0. This is also Manchester United’s third winning streak since the start of the season with a two-game losing streak.

After a poor start to the season, Manchester United shrugged off their slump in the third and fourth rounds of the Premier League, beating Liverpool and Southampton respectively.

In today’s game, Leicester’s 25-year-old midfielder James Maddison was awarded a free kick in the 20th minute of the first half, but Manchester United’s 31-year-old goalkeeper David Decker was in for a free kick when Maddison was in front of goal. Hea made a superb one-handed save to keep Leicester from scoring, and Leicester haven’t come this close since.

United made a quick counter-attack 3 minutes later, with 24-year-old striker Marcus Rashford picking up a pass on the right, then before entering the penalty arc to the rising star Sang who was rushing into the penalty area. Joe, who duped Leicester City keeper Danny Ward by running to the right before entering the goal, pushed the ball in from the right corner in front of the goal.

United went into half-time with a lead, before Eric Ten Hag replaced Sancho and 37-year-old substitute striker Cristiano Ronaldo in the 68th minute of the second half, but the The former football star has been slow to contribute a goal.

In the 82nd minute, 23-year-old defender Diogo Dalot popped a cross from the right side of the penalty area to Cristiano Ronaldo in the left corner in front of the goal. He jumped with a right-footed barb shot, but the ball eventually missed the right of the goal. Column, no goal. The general has yet to score a goal in the new season.

In the end, Manchester United scored a 1-0 win over Leicester City with a strike from Sancho in the first half, winning the third straight victory and ranking fifth in the Premier League standings.

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