Sacred National Team Jersey in Black. Rarely used, But Disposable Auto Wins!
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Sacred National Team Jersey in Black. Rarely used, But Disposable Auto Wins!

Sacred National Team Jersey in Black. Rarely used, But Disposable Auto Wins!

The uniform of the three platoon generals of Indonesia, the black jersey is almost gone. Previously, the Garuda Squad managed to win over a platoon ranked above the Curacao National Team.

The Indonesian public platoon almost won 3-2 over Curacao in the inaugural match of Matchday FIFA. The Indonesian national team held the match at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium (GBLA), Saturday (24/9/2022). The platoon made by Shin Taeyong won through the pretensions of Marc Klok (17′), Fachruddin Aryanto (22′), and Dimas Drajad (56′). Meanwhile, Curacao scored twice through Rangelo (7′) and Juninho (24′).

The palms are a big concern. Because the Indonesian public platoon, which was ranked 155th by FIFA, succeeded in overthrowing Curacao, which was ranked 84th by FIFA. Not only that, attention also fell on the black jersey worn by Garuda workers.

In that match, the Indonesian public platoon looked different from usual. Elkan Baggott et al wore an each-black third jersey. In fact, generally the Indonesian public platoon uses a red main jersey or a white- herbage down jersey.

The Indonesian National Team’s Black Jersey Was a Witness to Beat Curacao, Why Is It Infrequently Used?

The third jersey made by Mills vesture is nearly noway used by the Indonesian public platoon. There were only a many Garuda matches that involved the jersey, one of which was the Indonesia U23 public platoon test match against Bali United inmid-March 2021.

At the 2020 AFF Cup, the Indonesian public platoon did not use a black jersey at all. At that time, Mills’ senior developer, Fajar Ramadhan, revealed about the Indonesian national team uniform. Through his tweet on Twitter, he said that the Indonesian public platoon only brought red and white-green T-shirts for the event.

“I don’t really understand the rules. Because if two colors are enough, (while the general platoon, ed) Thailand is more advanced. We are more vested in giving what the confederation (PSSI, ed) asks for,” Fajar Ramadhan wrote at the time.

For your information, the dark down jersey wrapped in gold essay was introduced at the Garuda Store, Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium Complex (SUGBK), Tuesday (11/17/2020). In addition, PSSI has released a black shirt for the Indonesian general platoon with a red and white collar.

At the launch of the black jersey in November 2022, many figures attended. One of them is PSSI General Chair Mochamad Iriawan, PSSI Acting Secretary General Yunus Nusi, and PT Mitra Kreasi Garment (Mills Sport) CEO, Ahau. The event opened with reflections from Ahau as CEO of PT Mitra Kreasi Garmen (Mills Sport).

At that time, Ahau said that the jersey would be dominated by black with gold stripes. Black was chosen because it’s a trend in the sports world moment. Meanwhile, the gold color represents Indonesia’s stopgap for the birth of a golden generation of Indonesian football.


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