Roma 1-2 Ludogorets Mourinho said the following games need to be adjusted
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Roma 1-2 Ludogorets Mourinho said the following games need to be adjusted

In the first round of Group C of the Europa League , Roma played against Ludogorets . Roma ranked sixth in Serie A last season and won the first UEFA Cup trophy. Ludogorets lost to Dinamo Zagreb in the UEFA Champions League qualifying round, and defeated Lithuanian team Venis in the Europa League qualifying round to advance to the Europa League. The two teams have never met before.

In the first half, Tekepete almost scored against an empty goal, and Mancini’s header hit the post and popped out. In the 72nd minute, Cowley scored a low shot into the penalty area. Ludogorets, who was playing at home, took the lead to break the deadlock and lead 1-0 . In the 86th minute, Pellegrini made a cross from the right, Xiaomurodov scored with a header in the penalty area, and Roma pulled a goal back and tied 1-1 .

In the 88th minute, Rick made a cross, Nonato got the ball and shot from an angle. Roma lost 2-1 to Ludogorets. Mourinho led his team to lose two consecutive games in all competitions. The previous one was Lost to Udinese in Serie A.

Mourinho said in an interview after the game that he was surprised that the team lost, but he thought the team still had a chance to score. Fortunately, it is still in the group stage, not the knockout stage, and the team still has Five games to get back to form, and while winning the first would be in a good position, now they’re under pressure.


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