Reject Shin Tae-yong | Vietnam National Team got Karma!
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Reject Shin Tae-yong | Vietnam National Team got Karma!

Reject Shin Tae-yong | Vietnam National Team got Karma

REJECT Shin Tae- yong, Vietnam’s National Team indeed got air because of Park Hang- seo’s decision. This air, Park Hang- seo has the implicit to leave the Vietnam National Team after the 2022 AFF Cup.

PSSI’s plan to extend Shin Tae- yong’s contract has come a content of discussion in colorful media in the country. Although still under contract until December 31, 2023, PSSI made a pledge to Shin Tae- yong. Where will he get a contract extension?

Shin Tae- yong rejected by former Vietnam National Team player. Indonesian football suckers did encourage PSSI to extend Shin Tae- yong’s contract. They aren’t willing if latterly a number of other top Southeast Asian brigades will retain Shin Tae- yong. One of the countries that want to bring it’s like Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The news above also entered the attention of the Vietnamese media and football spectators in Uncle Ho’s country. One former footballer from Vietnam, Nguyen Manh Dung, said that Shin Tae- yong wasn’t good of guiding the elderly Vietnam Public Platoon

In his view, Shin Tae- yong is only good of guiding the Vietnam National Team in the age group. According to Nguyen Manh Dung, the elderly Vietnam National Team needs a trainer who can act as a father. He judged that Shin Tae- yong didn’t demand these attributes.

“Youthful trainers like Shin Tae- yong or Gong Oh- kyun, are only suitable for handling the Vietnam in the age group. Because the Vietnam Public Platoon needs an aged trainer like Callisto or Alfred Riedl,” Nguyen Manh Dung quoted Soha as saying.

Park Hang- Seo Called to Leave Vietnam National Team

According to news circulating, Vietnam Public Platoon trainer, Park Hang- seo will trainer South Korea’sU-20 National Team coming time. Park Hang- seo’s future in the Vietnam  is still a question mark until now. The reason is, Park Hang- seo noway mentioned that he’d extend his service period with the Vietnam Public Platoon.

The South Korean trainer actually opened up the possibility to leave the Vietnam in early 2023. To be precise, that was when the 2022 AFF Cup ended.

” In October, my agent will work specifically with the VFF on contract. tête-à-tête I want to concentrate all my time on the 2022 AFF Cup. This may or may not be my last with the Vietnam platoon.” Park Hang- seo said.


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