Red and White Squad Failed To 2023 U-17 Asian Cup, “Players Get Mental!”
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Red and White Squad Failed To 2023 U-17 Asian Cup, “Players Get Mental!”

Red and White Squad Failed To 2023 U-17 Asian Cup, "Players Get Mental!"

The defeat of the U-17 Indonesia National Team from Malaysia in the 2023 U-17 Asian Cup Qualification entered a roisterous response from netizens. Arkhan Kaka and associates entered colorful kinds of review from netizens.

The Indonesian U-17 National Team came the target of review after losing 1- 5 to Malaysia. This defeat crushed the dream of Team Garuda Asia to the U-17 Asian Cup. Bima Sakti hopes that the Indonesian U-17 National Team players will respond appreciatively to review. According to Bima Sakti, people really hope for the success of the Indonesian National Team.

” I suppose it’s natural. We convey to all players to respond appreciatively. Because they’ve stopgap for Indonesian football in the future to excel. So, I hope they aren’t affected,” said Bima Sakti after the match.

The Bima Sakti trainer also apologized for the crushing defeat endured by the U-17 Indonesian National Team. According to him, the results were veritably disappointing.

” I apologize to all Indonesian football suckers for this wrong result. Disappointed, sad, for sure,” said Bima Sakti.

” I told the players to take assignments and gests from this event. Their careers are still long. This is my responsibility as a trainer,” said Bima Sakti.

2023 U-17 Asian Cup | Indonesian U-17 National Team Get Mentally

In the first half, the Indonesian U-17 National Team conceded five pretensions at formerly. Malaysia’s pretensions came from different players. In the alternate half, the Indonesian U-17 National Team tried to find a thing.

Still, they’ve difficulty piercing the Malaysian defense. In the 90 3 nanosecond, Arkhan Kaka successfully scored a consolation thing for the U-17 National Team. Bima admitted that the players were hit mentally so Arkhan Kaka et al educated difficulties until the end of the game.

“Actually, we’ve formerly informed players number 7 and 12 that we need to anticipate.”

“Before, the first, alternate, and third pretensions affected the intelligence of the players. When the third thing they went down. We tried to ameliorate their intelligence. still, this is indeed high pressure,” explained Bima Sakti.


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