Real Madrid resolutely reluctant to sell 24-year-old midfielder Valverde even with high price
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Real Madrid resolutely reluctant to sell 24-year-old midfielder Valverde even with high price

La Liga Real Madrid have reportedly secured a €90 million offer from a Premier League club today to sign 24-year-old midfielder Federico Valverde. However, Real Madrid immediately refused, and insisted that it is currently unwilling to sell the young Uruguayan midfielder.

Valverde transferred to Real Madrid from Uruguay’s Penarol youth team in 2016, and entered the Real Madrid reserve team (B team) to add more field experience, intensity adaptation and improve performance levels. In 2017, he also represented the Uruguay national team and won the Silver Ball at the Under-20 World Cup. Valverde played 30 games and scored three goals in just one season in the reserves before the Spanish midfielder was promoted to the first team under new manager Yoren Lopetegui in 2018. , helped Real Madrid win the World Cup, 2 Spanish Super Cups, 2 La Liga titles and the UEFA Champions League.

During his time at Real Madrid, Valverde has taken a place in the squad of coach Carlo Ancelotti and has become one of the important roles of the team. He was also the main attacking type in Real Madrid’s squad last season. midfield. However, the young Uruguayan midfielder’s superb performance on the field has also managed to attract the covetousness of several Premier League clubs, including Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.

In the first 2 La Liga games of the new season, the young midfielder scored 1 goal, which shows that he is in very good form this season, and this is also Real Madrid received 9000 yuan for the acquisition of Valverde. After the offer of 10,000 euros, the reason for the rejection. Because this promising midfielder is at the peak of his output, Real Madrid is reluctant to sell him easily at this time.

Obviously, Valverde’s value is likely to have exceeded the sky-high price of 90 million euros, and there is also a rising trend in the future. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti is expected to hope for the long-term services of the young Uruguayan midfielder whose value has risen.

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