Real Madrid have no intention of re-signing Arsenal captain Odegaard
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Real Madrid have no intention of re-signing Arsenal captain Odegaard

According to a report from the Spanish media “Defensa Central”, even though the 24-year-old midfielder Martin Odegaard, who is now the captain of Arsenal , has performed well in the Premier League, the La Liga giants Real Madrid have no plans to sign back this legacy from Norway.

Joining Real Madrid has not been reused

Odegaard joined Real Madrid since January 22, 2015, when he was only 16 years old, becoming the youngest player in the history of Real Madrid’s first team. However, this young midfielder with great potential did not contribute a goal in 18 games representing Real Madrid in all competitions, and failed to gain more favor in Real Madrid.

Afterwards, Erdegaard began his loan journey in 2017. He was loaned to Heerenveen, Vitesse, and Real Sociedad by Real Madrid successively, and was loaned to Arsenal in the Premier League in 2021.

Real Madrid have no intention of re-signing Arsenal captain Odegaard

After moving to Arsenal, his performance has risen steadily and he has become the team leader

After Arsenal borrowed Odegaard from Real Madrid in January, Odegaard also began to show his talents and was favored by Arsenal. The club officially bought him in August, and Odegaard also joined Arsenal. revived his football career.

Odegaard did not live up to Arsenal’s expectations. The team’s strength rose rapidly, and he became Arsenal’s captain at the end of July last year. In addition, Odegaard is also the captain of the Norwegian national team. He has performed extraordinary in the Premier League this season, scoring 7 goals and providing 5 assists in 16 games.

The 24-year-old Norwegian international has also become one of the contributors to Arsenal’s top spot in the Premier League this season.

Real Madrid have no intention of re-signing Arsenal captain Odegaard

Rumors plan to sign back to Real Madrid, denying the matter

It is reported that recent reports pointed out that Real Madrid plans to re-sign the legacy-Edegaard. But I believe that Real Madrid has snubbed Erdegao and now plans to re-sign him. Even so, Erdegao will not return to his former club because he will focus on playing for Arsenal.

However, Real Madrid have dismissed rumors of plans to sign Odegaard back. In Real Madrid’s signing list, the 19-year-old midfielder Jude Bellingham, who is currently playing for Dortmund in the Bundesliga, seems to have become Real Madrid’s primary introduction candidate.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid have also turned their attention to Arsenal’s youthful squad in striker Gabriel Martinelli, 21, and midfielder Bukayo Saka, 21.


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