PSG easily defeated Toulouse 3-0 to win the fourth win in 5 games and 21 goals to sit at the top of the Ligue 1 table
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PSG easily defeated Toulouse 3-0 to win the fourth win in 5 games and 21 goals to sit at the top of the Ligue 1 table

As the 5th round of Ligue 1 draws to a close, today Paris Saint-Germain PSG easily won 3-0 away from Toulouse, maintaining the best result in the opening game of the new season, scoring a total of 21 goals and sitting firmly in France First place in the standings.

In the first half, Paris Saint-Germain ‘s 35-year-old striker Messi created three scoring chances but failed to score points. After that, in the 37th minute, Messi continued to show his veteran ability. He sent a pass before entering the penalty spot to assist the 30-year-old. Striker Neymar, who then shot straight into the net from the center of the penalty area, took the opening lead.

It is worth noting that Neymar has contributed 7 goals for Paris Saint-Germain in 5 games, which also allows him to accumulate 109 goals in the team, ranking fourth in Paris Saint-Germain. Top shooter.

The two sides continued to stalemate until the second half. In the 50th minute, Messi made an emergency stop in the left corner in front of the goal and assisted a diagonal pass to the 23-year-old striker Kylian Mbappe in the middle of the penalty area. Two defenses blocked from the left and right, Mbappe. Still shot with his right foot to help PSG get 2-0.

After that, Toulouse made every effort on the defensive end, and goalkeeper Maxime Dupe even blocked the ball twice. Paris Saint-Germain boss Christopher Galti replaced Neymar after Mbappe was blocked to score, in order for the fourth-best scorer to face Nantes this weekend and Juventus next week. Sri Lanka’s Champions League opener to retain physical strength.

In the 72nd minute, Dupe once again blocked Mbappe’s shot that rushed into the penalty area by himself. However, Toulouse made no progress in attacking, almost dealing with Paris Saint-Germain’s strong attacking firepower.

Just before the end of the game, Mbappe hit the left post with a long shot from the center of the penalty area. Dupe bounced from his body to the left corner outside the goal before he could save the ball, and was rushing into the left corner. The regional Paris Saint-Germain 29-year-old defender Juan Bernat hurriedly made a left-footed shot into the right bottom corner of the goal to win another point. In the end, Toulouse was unable to save the savior, and Paris Saint-Germain defeated Paris Saint-Germain 0-3 and won the second defeat.


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