Premier League – Manchester City’s home game against Southampton Haaland highly anticipated
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Premier League – Manchester City’s home game against Southampton Haaland highly anticipated

“Blue Moon” Manchester City will face the “Saints” Southampton at the Etihad Stadium in the 10th round of the 2022/23 Premier League season. It is worth mentioning that, after scoring hat tricks in three consecutive official games, whether the Norwegian genius Haaland can achieve another success has become one of the focuses of this campaign.

In the earlier Champions League group stage, Haaland scored two goals in the first half, and after Mahrez and Alvarez both scored, Manchester City finally won 5-0 Copenhagen, also achieved a 3-game winning streak.

In addition, in Manchester City’s game against Copenhagen, coach Guardiola replaced Haaland, who made great contributions, at halftime. Therefore, in the game against Southampton, Haaland will be the starter.

In addition, after the 22-year-old Haaland joined Manchester City , his scoring efficiency has always been a topic of media and fans, and England star Owen also believes that if Haaland can always maintain a healthy state, then He will have a chance to break Shearer’s single-season goalscoring record in the Premier League.

Haaland leads the Premier League goalscorer list

In this season’s Premier League scorer list, Haaland has scored 14 goals in 8 games, and he is 7 goals ahead of Kane, who ranks second with 7 goals. The performance is amazing. After that, Haaland was also compared with Argentina star Messi, but coach Guardiola said that although Haaland is really strong, no one can compare with Messi.

Although the schedule in October is a bit tight, Manchester City, which is in a very hot state recently, should not have a challenge to achieve 3 points, because Southampton recently swallowed a 3-game losing streak in the league, including a 1-1 home game in the previous round. 2 losses to Everton, who successfully relegated last season, are currently ranked 16th in the standings with 2 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses, and the confidence of the players is inevitably frustrated.

In other focus games, Tottenham Hotspur led by Conte will go away to fight Brighton, who have performed well this season, and Chelsea will host Wolves at home.


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