Potter’s debut with a new formation as Chelsea continue their winning streak
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Potter’s debut with a new formation as Chelsea continue their winning streak

With the start of the second round of the Champions League group stage, Chelsea still continued their recent disadvantage. They were tied in the game against Salzburg, and all competitions were without a victory in 4 rounds.

The game was Potter ‘s first managerial debut since joining Chelsea. He adjusted his tactics to use a 4231 formation instead of the back three he used to play under Tuchel and his own at Brighton. But in the latter part of the game, he once resumed the use of the three -back strategy, and Sterling tried the position of left-back.

Chelsea ‘s change has achieved the effect on the scene. In this game, Chelsea, who are playing at home, successfully suppressed the scene, played 17 shots in the audience, and played 72% of the ball possession rate. But unfortunately, except for Sterling’s goal in the 48th minute after receiving an assist from Mount, Chelsea’s other 16 shots failed to score.

In addition to the offense being weak, there were also mistakes on defense. This led to Adam entering the penalty area and scoring teammate Okafor when there was no defense. It was Chelsea’s 7th consecutive conceded goal, and defensive problems loomed.

Combined with this draw, Chelsea suffered their worst Champions League group start since 1999-00, with one draw and one loss. It wasn’t a satisfying debut for the new Potter.

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