Poole breaks his silence for the first time since being punched by Green
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Poole breaks his silence for the first time since being punched by Green

More than 10 days after the clash with Draymond Green, 23-year-old Warriors guard Jordan Poole made his first public voice.

“He apologized,” Poole told reporters at a news conference at the Chase Center on Sunday. “We all want to approach this professionally. We’re here to play basketball, and everyone on our team, in the locker room, knows what it takes to win a championship, and we’ll do it on the court.”

“That’s all I really have to say on this matter. We’re here to win a championship and keep raising the next flag.”

Poole’s remarks came two hours after he re-signed with the Warriors. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Golden State Warriors signed Poole to a four-year, $123 million extension with a bonus clause worth $17 million. This renewal of the contract also means that the conflict between Poole and Green has come to an end.

On October 5, local time, Green and Poole had friction during training. The two shoved each other, and Green finally punched Poole, escalating the conflict.

After TMZ leaked the video of the conflict between the two, Green publicly apologized to Poole, his relatives and friends, and the team, and said that he would leave the team indefinitely, waiting for the team to make a final decision. “I’m leaving the Warriors and I’m going to keep training myself to get ready for the next game,” he said. “I’m leaving the team now to give everyone some space, to give Poole and his teammates some space, to give everyone a few days. When I will come back, it has not yet been determined.”

“I’m looking forward to being able to play in the opening game, but whether it can be played or not is something we need to figure out in the future.”

However, the Warriors finally decided to release Green in the final game of the preseason. The team fined him up to $50,000 and notified him to return to practice last Thursday.

For now, Poole still has the same goal of helping the Warriors defend their NBA championship. However, it remains to be seen whether their relationship can return to what it was before October 5.

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