Pogba denies brother’s accusation, says he didn’t intend to curse Mbappe
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Pogba denies brother’s accusation, says he didn’t intend to curse Mbappe

Update on Paul Pogba asking wizard Mbappe to cast a spell. According to well-known French news channels Franceinfo and CNews on Sunday, Pogba told police that he had paid the wizard a huge sum of money, but his intention was not to curse Mbappe, but to protect himself from injury.

On August 27 local time, Paul Pogba’s brother Matthias posted a video on social media, breaking the news that his brother had paid a lot of money to invite the wizard Mbappe to cast a curse, which caused heated discussions in football for a while. Pogba’s camp denied Matthias’ statement the next day, while accusing the former of asking him for 13 million euros with his childhood friend.

Pogba told police he visited his family during friendly matches for France on March 25 and 29, only to be threatened by a group of masked men with assault rifles. They accused Pogba of not giving financial assistance to relatives and friends after he became famous, and demanded 13 million euros from the French midfielder on the grounds that he had “protected him carefully for 13 years”. Although Pogba initially refused to comply, he eventually paid 100,000 euros in desperation.

Pogba claimed to police that he thought returning to Juventus would save him from being blackmailed, but it backfired. In July of this year, the two sides faced off at the training base in Turin. Pogba was shocked to find that one of them was his own brother Matthias and decided to call the police. Regarding his brother’s accusation, the French international firmly denied it, saying that he had no intention of casting a curse on his national teammate and Paris Saint-Germain star Mbappe . The wizard was invited entirely for the sake of his own health.

According to Italian and French media reports, prosecutors in Paris and Turin have launched investigations into the “organized, long-term threat and extortion of Paul Pogba” by Matthias and others, their mother Yeo Moriba, Pogba’s agent Rafaela Pimenta and a security guard of the French national team were called by the police as witnesses.

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