Pique will still keep in touch with Barcelona, Barcelona is watching Cuenca and Foyce
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Pique will still keep in touch with Barcelona, Barcelona is watching Cuenca and Foyce

Retired Barcelona defender Pique recently talked about his decision to retire during a live broadcast.

Pique felt that his farewell battle last weekend was wonderful, he said it was a bit unexpected, and he was very grateful to Barcelona for the curtain call performance arranged for him. Although his career as a player in Barcelona is over, he is still very happy and can feel the love here, and he will still keep in touch with Barcelona.

Pique also said that with the increase in competition and age, players will begin to consider various situations. Although he still wants to gallop on the court, after careful consideration, he thinks that it may be time to come to an end. He’s said before that he leaves when he thinks he can’t contribute any more.

Pique said that he was actually preparing to announce his decision to retire in the locker room during the games against Valladolid and Elche. He felt that he was no longer suitable to stay in the team since then, but it was postponed due to injuries. , and then he told himself he had to announce his retirement before the World Cup started.

In addition, according to the “World Sports News” report, Barcelona scouts watched yesterday’s Spaniards 0-1 Villarreal match, and Villarreal defenders Cuenca and Foyce conducted inspections.

These two players are in Barcelona’s signing list, and Cuenca played for 90 minutes in this game and performed well. In 2017 , the 22 -year-old Cuenca joined the Barcelona B team from the Alcorcon youth team , and then joined Villarreal in 2020 for a fee of 2.5 million euros plus a floating clause of 4 million.

It is reported that Barcelona added a buy-back clause in Cuenca’s transfer, but the specific fee has not been disclosed. Barcelona also enjoys a 20% share of the player’s future transfer fee.

Another player concerned by Barcelona, Foyce , came on as a substitute in the 77th minute of the game. Barcelona wanted to introduce Foyce this summer and offered an offer of about 20 million euros. However, due to injury problems, Foyce failed to transfer.

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