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Perbasi announces SEA Games 2023 Initial Selection Name | 77577sports

The Central Board of the Indonesian Basketball Association (PP Perbasi) summoned 38 of the best players to participate in the 2023 SEA Games. Of the 38 players, 19 of them were in the men’s team and 19 in the women’s team. Players in the men’s team will only play in the 5×5 category, while the women’s team will be divided into the 5×5 and 3×3 categories. The 2023 SEA Games will take place from 5-17 May 2023 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Nirmala Dewi as Secretary General of PP PERBASI said the Training Camp will take place on Monday, September 12, 2022 and the location of Camp Tainiing will be distinguished for the boys and girls teams. The women’s national team training camp will be held at GOR CLS Surabaya. As for the men’s team, the practice was held at the GBK Arena Senayan.

Players on the selected Putera team were dominated by Indonesian Patriot alumni one and two. Examples include Ali Bagir, Aldy Izzatur Rachman, Isaiah Saudale, Hendrick Yonga, Yudha Saputera, Mario Davidson, Daniel Salamena, Andrew Lensus, Mohammad Arighi, Kevin Sanjaya, Julian Chalias, Gede Elgi WImbardi, Renard Hernando, Dame Diagne, Serigne Modou Kane. Then players who became top players who shined in the Indonesian IBL will also participate such as Widyanta Putra Teja, Fernando Manansang, Karl Patrick Gloria, and Ida Bagus Ananta.

Then the women’s category was dominated by faces who used to carry the name of Indonesia in the international arena. Starting from Priscilla Annabel Karen, Agustin Gradita Retong, Yuni Anggraeni, Dyah Lestari, Clarita Antonio, and Jovita Elizabeth Simon. Then there are Henny Sutjiono, Mega Nanda Perdana Putri, Adelaide Calista Wongsohardjo, Faizzatus Shoimah, Angelica Jennifer Candra, Nathania Claresta Orville. Then Gabriel Sophia, Visca Dewi Samsuri, Dewa Ayu Made Sriartha, Kadek Pratita Citta Dewi, Ni Putu Eka Liana, Kimberley Pierre Louis, and Peyton Alexis Whitted. Here’s the full list:

List 19 Names for the Men’s National 5X5 Team:

1. Ali Bagir 

2. Aldy Izzatur Rachman 

3. Yesaya Saudale 

4. Hendrick Xavi Yonga 

5. Yudha Saputera 

6. Mario Davidson 

7. Widyanta Putra Teja 

8. Daniel Salamena 

9. Renard Hernando

10. Karl Patrick Gloria

11. Fernando Manansang

12. Andrew Lensun 

13. Mohammad Arighi 

14. Kelvin Sanjaya 

15. Julian Chalias 

16. Gede Elgi Wimbardi 

17. Ida Bagus Ananta

18. Dame Diagne 

19. Serigne Modou Kane

20. Anthony Erga

List 19 Names for 5×5 and 3×3 Women’s National Team:

1. Priscilla Annabel Karen 

2. Agustin Gradita Retong 

3. Yuni Anggraeni 

4. Dyah Lestari

5. Clarita Antonio 

6. Jovita Elizabeth Simon

7. Henny Sutjiono 

8. Mega Nanda Perdana Putri 

9. Adelaide Calista Wongsohardjo 

10. Faizzatus Shoimah 

11. Angelica Jennifer Candra 

12. Nathania Claresta Orville 

13. Gabriel Sophia

14. Visca Dewi Samsuri

15. Dewa Ayu Made Sriartha 

16. Kadek Pratita Citta Dewi 

17. Ni Putu Eka Liana

18. Kimberley Pierre Louis 

19. Peyton Alexis Whitted

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