Palin wanted to retire, lost love of game because of surgery
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Palin wanted to retire, lost love of game because of surgery

According to Football Market, Juventus goalkeeper Palin has spoken to him about the extremely difficult moments he has endured following a shoulder injury.

Palin , who joined Juventus from Genoa in 2018, suffered a serious shoulder injury in April 2019 that forced him out of action for more than six months. He missed 23 games for Juventus. He was loaned back to Genoa in January 2020, and in addition to recovering his body, he also found stability on the field.

Palin said he considered retiring after his last shoulder injury, his fifth surgery in five years. He also spoke to his agent and several close friends about it. Palin also talked about how he has regained his passion for football, expressing his gratitude to his agent, teammates, family and Nicoletta, who started rehab with him, and that he has regained his passion for the sport. Passionate, the sport gave him something of friendship and affection.

Palin realized it was just a moment of frustration, he had lost his love for the game because of those surgeries and felt like he couldn’t enjoy himself anymore. He then found passion and fun again after changing a few ways of looking at things and the game.

Palin , who has played a backup role since 2008, has few chances at Juventus. He made 29 appearances in all competitions for Juventus . Szczesny’s recent injury has given Palin a start. He has made eight appearances in Serie A and the Champions League this season .


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