Official! Phil Foden Extends Contract with Manchester City
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Official! Phil Foden Extends Contract with Manchester City

Official! Phil Foden Extends Contract with Manchester City

Phil Foden insists that he has intentions to win numerous titles with The Citizen. Foden has officially inked a new contract with Manchester City. Of course, this will keep him at the Etihad Stadium until the summer of 2027.

Foden is one of Pep Guardiola’s important players at the club. So far, he has made 182 appearances in all competitions. The England transnational

has successfully scored 52 pretensions and 36 assists. Securing Foden to stay at the club any longer is the right strategy for The Citizen.

” Phil Foden has inked a three- time contract extension to renew his contract at Manchester City. Keeping him at the club until the summer of 2027,” read a statement on the club’s sanctioned website.

Foden also admitted that he was veritably happy to be wearing the Blue Sky livery longer. He claims that City is a club he loves veritably important. In addition, the 22- time-old also has an important thing with City, videlicet winning the title.

” It’s hard to put into words how happy I’m to have inked this contract,” said Foden.

Phil Foden is a City Fan

Phil Foden insists that he’s veritably happy to be at Manchester City. Because he really admires Manchester City.

” I’ve been a City addict all my life. I’ve trained then for numerous times. I was indeed a ballboy. I love this club veritably much.” Said Phil Foden.

Foden added” I have bettered a lot in the last many times. And a lot depends on Pep and his staff. They guide me every day on the pitch.”

” Working with them gives me the stylish chance to develop indeed more. I’ll be the stylish player I can be. With the team we’ve then, I feel I can continue to learn and win glories. Those are the two most important effects for me.”


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