Official: Ballon d’Or add "Socrates Award"
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Official: Ballon d’Or add "Socrates Award"

“France Football” announced Wednesday that the “Socrates Award” will be added to this year’s Ballon d’Or selection.

According to the official statement of “France Football”, the ” Socrates Award ” aims to recognize football players who have made outstanding contributions in the social and philanthropic fields, in favor of social integration, environmental development or relief for people in need or victims of conflict. will be vigorously promoted.

The prize will be awarded by a jury that includes Rai, representatives of France Football and the leaders of the World Peace and Sport Organization.

“France Football” said the award was named after the legendary Brazilian midfielder Socrates, who died in 2011, precisely because Socrates was a symbol of football’s “commitment to a fairer world”: the Brazilian soldier in the 1980s During the dictatorship, Socrates and his teammates co-founded the Corinthian Democratic Movement, which contributed a lot to the democratization of Brazil.

“Socrates has always believed in the power of sport to transform society and make it more egalitarian,” said Socrates’ brother and former Paris Saint-Germain star Rai. “His revolutionary experience in Corinthian democracy is proof of this. Died11 Years later, he remains a symbol of his commitment to a fairer world.”


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