No goals in 6 games, Mane’s state is showing signs of slip
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No goals in 6 games, Mane’s state is showing signs of slip

Defending champions Bayern Munich lost 1-0 to Augsburg in the 7th round of the Bundesliga earlier. Therefore, Bayern has faced 4 consecutive rounds without a victory, and only achieved 3 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss in the past 7 rounds, ranking 5th in the standings with only 12 points.

In addition, Bayern Munich also had no choice but to record the worst start in the Bundesliga in the past 12 years. The Senegalese star Mane, who joined Bayern from the Premier League giants Liverpool, was unable to score even though he made his debut as a starter, and even if he got a big chance to score, it was resolved by the opponent’s goalkeeper.

After the game, Mane once again became the object of criticism by fans, and was even ridiculed that the crisis he created was not as big as that of goalkeeper Neuer. Mane also had the lowest points of the team based on his inconsistent performance. In addition, after the defeat to Augsburg, Mane has not scored any goals in 6 consecutive games, which is almost completely different from the scoring efficiency during his time at Liverpool.

The feeling that Mane has not been able to score goals may be related to his current position on the field. After the Polish star Lewandowski left Bayern Munich , coach Nagelsmann hopes that Mane can replace the center position. However, playing on the flank is where Mane is more able to play and attack with the advantage of speed. However, after being placed in the middle position, Mane’s own advantages are limited.

Therefore, the current Mane Bayern can say that he can’t find the space to use his own advantages. If Mane still can’t find the best condition for a period of time, he will be left out by the team, and more seriously, he will lose the starting lineup opportunity.

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