Neville worried about influx of US capital into English football

Neville worried about influx of US capital into English football

English football legend Gary Neville recently expressed his concerns about the influx of American capital into English football in public.

American tycoon Todd Burley was very high-profile after he entered Chelsea. He is also an investor in the Los Angeles Lakers. He couldn’t wait to put forward the idea of introducing the All-Star Game in the Premier League. The set of American professional basketball was transplanted to British football.

Neville worried that pouring too much American capital into British football would damage the very foundations of British football. He believes that American capital is different from capital from other countries. Although foreign tycoons like Abu and Thaksin have also invested in the Premier League, and later Chinese consortiums have emerged, these investors, whether out of love for football or purely commercial considerations, bought British professional football teams. , all came and operated under the existing rules, and never showed the willingness and ambition to completely transform British professional football.

However, American capital is different. They are eager to express their attempts to transform the environment and are very aggressive. When Manchester United and Chelsea were both controlled by American capital , they began to show their influence to the outside world. If more American capital pours into British football in the future, they are bound to seek more voice and influence.


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