Netizens are in an uproar, Kevin Sanjaya is rumored to have broken up with his coach
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Netizens are in an uproar, Kevin Sanjaya is rumored to have broken up with his coach

Netizens are in an uproar, Kevin Sanjaya is rumored to have broken up with his coach?

Netizens are excited to see Kevin Sanjaya fight with his coach because Herry reprimanded him for his attitude at the Indonesia Open. Indonesian badminton seems to be not doing well. The issue of the rift in Kevin Sanjaya’s relationship with his trainer, Herry IP, caused a stir in the virtual world.

The public number 1 men’s doubles brace, Kevin Sanjaya/ Marcus Gideon, lately came the focus of the Indonesian public. How not, the brace nicknamed the pets eventually dropped to alternate place in the 38th week. On September 21, 2022, after five times on the throne at the top of the BWF world rankings.

After being the world’s number one men’s doubles for 226 weeks. Takuro Hoki/ Yugo Kobayashi, the Japanese brace, won the Kevin/ Marcus position. Along with this, unwelcome news came to Kevin/ Marcus. Where the trainer- pupil relationship between Kevin Sanjaya and Herry Imam Pierngadi isn’t harmonious.

According to the journalist, Kevin Sanjaya was angry with trainer Herry IP. The reason is because he has blamed his station and body language when contending at the Indonesia Open. This lower harmonious relationship between Kevin and Herry IP also redounded in Kevin’s disinclination. Where he’ll join the Indonesian men’s doubles platoon to train at the PBSI Pelatnas in Cipayung.

Herry IP expressed his disappointment with Kevin Sanjaya and closed the door for the PB Djarum powerhouse. This news also soon spread into a wild ball and came the talk of netizens in the Twitter macrocosm. Netizens or Indonesian BLs are guessing whether this is true.

Kevin Sanjaya- Herry IP Drama Makes Netizens Sad

A number of netizens also wondered how great the disagreement between Kevin Sanjaya and Herry IP was. Could there be a result so that the trainer and the pupil can get back together?

Not only that, this scuttlebutt makes netizens veritably sad. The reason is, Herry IP is a person who has helped Kevin/ Marcus reach their peak of glory in recent times.

” Kevin has always been full of praise, once he was blamed for his bus strike. I feel sorry for Sinyo, who has tried all the way to Portugal for ankle surgery so that he can return to top performance. Cheers to Coach Fire Dragon and Koh Marcus Gideon,” wrote one of Elizabeth’s accounts(@ninielisabet)

There are also netizens asking Kevin and Herry IP to make up so they can watch the pets stay together and achieve achievements in the forthcoming event.Badminton Joins’ Upset’ Action Tengil Opponents

In addition, there are also some netizens who have lost respect for Kevin Sanjaya. Netizens also wished the stylish for Marcus Gideon, who’s presently caught in the middle of these rumors.

“Indeed though during the indo master and indo open, trainer herry blamed grounded on the data on the ground. He was angry because the trainer blamed him? Kevin sanjaya, what were you being an athlete for?” write the account Koentji(@engrisss).

Rumors of a rift in Kevin Sanjaya’s relationship with Herry IP itself began with a strong warning from Coach Naga Api- Herry IP’s surname- against Kevin in the alternate round of the Indonesia Open 2022. At that time, Kevin/ Marcus had to be excluded from the alternate round after being defeated by the South Korean brace, Kang Min- hyuk/ Seo Seung- jae, in two straight games with a score of 14- 21 and 12- 21.

Herry IP also intimately blamed Kevin Sanjaya’s station, station, and body language which didn’t reflect professional athletes. The trainer assessed Kevin wasn’t playing optimally and tended to’ just hit’. The public feels the same way, especially BLs, who make Kevin Sanjaya’s name trending in cyberspace.


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