NBA——Morant warmly sent signed sneakers to young fans
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NBA——Morant warmly sent signed sneakers to young fans

The NBA is in full swing, and the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Kings 118-108. Among them, Morant, who scored 35 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists, signed his sneakers after the game and gave them to a 9-year-old fan at the scene.

The scene was recorded by a video. After Morant finished the post-match interview, he took off his sneakers and ran towards the little fan named Carl with them. Karl was very excited and cried with joy. After Morant arrived at Karl’s side, he first signed the sneakers, then gave the sneakers to Karl, and took a photo with Karl and Karl’s mother.

It is said that Karl mother and son drove 386 kilometers to the Grizzlies’ home court to watch the game as a 9-year-old birthday present for Karl. When Morant was warming up, Carl desperately shouted Morant’s name.

In an interview afterwards, Morant also said that he noticed that Carl was cheering for him during the warm-up, so he decided to give the sneakers to Carl. Morant said: “It’s great to see a scene like this! When you see the fans cry and the mother cry, it really leaves people speechless!”

Carl’s mother was also interviewed, and she was very grateful to Morant for sending the shoes, saying that Morant’s just a punch, a nod or a smile to Carl had a great influence on Carl, which made Carl stay. One of the most cherished memories.

At present, Morant has led the Grizzlies to a 3-game winning streak, ranking second in the Western Conference, only 1 win away from the No. 1 Nuggets. Presumably after the encouragement of this little fan, Morant gained strength from there and continued to lead the Grizzlies to better results.

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