NBA | Dennis Schroder Returns to Lakers | 77577sports
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NBA | Dennis Schroder Returns to Lakers | 77577sports

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The Los Angeles Lakers advertise the return of main guard Dennis Schroder. The German player will admit a one- time contract with a value of US$2.6 million. The return of Schroder makes Russell Westbrook’s fate at the Lakers indeed more unclear.

” We’re thrilled to drink Dennis Schroder back to the Lakers,” Rob Pelinka, Vice President of Basketball Operations and General Manager of the Lakers told ESPN.” Dennis and trainer( Darvin) Ham not only have a literal bond, they can make a new story for the Lakers coming season.

NBA | Dennis Schroder Returns to Lakers | 77577sports

Schroder has played for the Lakers in the 2020- 2021 season. He pars13.5 points,4.6 assists and3.3 rebounds in28.7 twinkles per game. But Schroder moved on from the Lakers through his own fault. He should have entered a contract extension from the Lakers worth US$ 87 million for four times. But he decided out, and was excluded from the” free agent” player request. Until eventually the Boston Celtics wanted to give him a chance, also changed for the Houston Rockets.

” Dennis will add depth and an on- ball protective presence to our core in the first- line position. He’s also a good points scorer and playmaker. We’re veritably pleased that Dennis is back in camp and back to work in Los Angeles after his great performances with the German public platoon at EuroBasket.,” added Pelinka.

Meanwhile, the return of Schroder, coupled with the signing of Patrick Beverley, leaves Russell Westbrook’s future with the Lakers indeed more uncertain. Westbrook is still on the Lakers list. It’s just that, no platoon has dared to take it yet


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