NBA | Bucks No Victory in NBA Preseason, Giannis Not Worried
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NBA | Bucks No Victory in NBA Preseason, Giannis Not Worried

NBA | Bucks No Victory in NBA Preseason, Giannis Not Worried

The Milwaukee Bucks ended NBA preseason with a 97-107 loss to the Brooklyn Nets. With these results the Bucks won five preseason games. preliminarily, the Memphis Grizzlies had beaten them. Not only that, Milwaukee has also lost doubly to the Atlanta jingoists and Chicago Bulls. Still, the result didn’t make the Bucks megastar Giannis Antetokounmpo bothered.

” What worries me is our habits and erecting good habits,” Giannis said after the game via ESPN.

“Right now we aren’t oral enough. We are not pressing enough. We were not empty enough. But at the end of the day, it’s preseason. We’ve the entire regular season to find ourselves,” added the two- time MVP.

Giannis spent his summer playing for Greece in Eurobasket 2022. For that the Bucks were more careful in contending him during preseason. Giannis has only played doubly during preseason.

Against the Nets, he scored 24 points from6/21 firing and 14 rebounds over 32 twinkles. also in the first game against the jingoists, Giannis only appeared for 21 twinkles. The appearance didn’t satisfy Giannis. He said a little eschewal of meter.

” It’s not easy. I suppose occasionally your mind forgets and thinks it’ll be easy. But I, tête-à-tête, felt I had to go out and set the meter, play hard. make good habits, make advancements in the platoon, ” he said

NBA Preseason: Giannis remains auspicious

The Bucks had an unusual schedule during pre-season. They traveled to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates last week and played him a game against the jingoists. Also they returned to the United States to fight the Bulls and Nets.

They’ve about a week. Before opening the season against the Philadelphia 76ers on October 20. Khris Middleton will surely not appear. Because he’s recovering after the wrist surgery he did last July.

With this NBA preseason result, Giannis is still auspicious that his platoon can bounce back in the regular season.” We still have a great platoon, but we’re seven or eight days before the coming game. We’ve to work hard and try to make good habits,” said the 27- time-old.


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