MU vs Tottenham | Cristiano Ronaldo sulking, Erik Ten Hag doesn’t play
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MU vs Tottenham | Cristiano Ronaldo sulking, Erik Ten Hag doesn’t play

MU vs Tottenham | Cristiano Ronaldo sulking, Erik Ten Hag doesn't play

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to warm up the bench when MU vs Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League continued, Thursday (20/10/2022).

The Portuguese player didn’t get the chance to appear until the long whoosh. Cristiano Ronaldo was irked and sounded to be pouting because of this. Where, before the game was over, Ronaldo incontinently left the bench.

In the 88th nanosecond the former Real Madrid player chose to’ escape’ to the dressing room. While the Red Devils eventually managed to close the game with a 2- 0 palm. United director, Erik Ten Hag, is apprehensive of this. But he did not reply right down. The Dutch trainer preferred to remain silent and let Ronaldo leave the field before the game was over.

” I have met him and have not spoken to him after that. I will take care of that hereafter,” Ten Hag told Amazon.

MU actually still has two negotiations in stock, but Ten Hag only uses three. On the other hand, Tottenham made five negotiations. Ronaldo also looked glum with Ten Hag’s decision.

The reason Ten Hag did not play Ronaldo in the MU vs Tottenham match

This time, Cristiano Ronaldo is passing a delicate season. His position in the Red Devils team isn’t what it used to be. His position in the Red Devils’ core team has lately been decreasingly neglected.

In the match against Tottenham Hotspur, Ronaldo again didn’t get a part. In the MU vs Tottenham match, Ten Hag trusted Marcus Rahsford more.

” You choose a line- up of players who you suppose can win the game, and you have a game plan,” said Ten Hag about this.

” Cristiano Ronaldo is an important player and he can score pretensions. He’ll come and can make the difference.”

Ten Hag admitted that he’d frequently faced situations like this. As a trainer, the 52- time-old admitted that he’d to prioritize the interests of the team over the particular solicitations of the players.


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