Monza appoints Palladino as new manager, contract signed until June 2023
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Monza appoints Palladino as new manager, contract signed until June 2023

Following Giovanni Stropa’s dismissal, former Juventus player and Monza U19 coach Raffaele Palladino has been appointed as the new coach, with a contract signed until June 2023.

At 2 pm Italian time on Wednesday, September 14th, Monza held a press conference. General manager Galliani and Palladino appeared together.

Galliani was the first to say that on behalf of the club, he would like to thank the former coach Stroppa, but Monza needs to change the status quo of the bottom of the team’s ranking: “Thank you to Stroppa, who led us to Monza three months ago. The feat of being promoted to Serie A for the first time in 110 years of team history.”

” Stroppa asked me a legitimate question yesterday: ‘Why are you firing me?’ I answered him, football is what it is. Monza is bottom of the table and we decided to change, talking about morality is useless. We It’s the second Serie A club this season to decide that. Raffaele Palladino is the future manager of Monza, he’s not a transition coach.”

“Should Change”

“We expect a better Monza. I understand that Berlusconi’s team will be in the headlines, but all the newly promoted teams have changed a lot. We have to do everything we can to avoid relegation, the season ranking Preferably no lower than 18th.

“Football is made up of emotions, but after six league games we felt we should change the technical leadership.”

“Focus on club and players”

After Galliani’s speech, Raffaele Palladino said: “I am proud to be here with the first team and I am very eager to do better.

“I’m going to focus on the club and the players. I know almost everyone at Monza, I know a little bit about them and it’s a good start.”

“The club asked me to do my best and instill my tactics in the players to make the team stronger, without specific goals. It was a show of confidence in me. I do my best for it every day.”


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