Mbappé and Salah swap deal speculation re-emerges as a self-proclaimed Egyptian “reliable transfer journalist” hyped it the rumour again following reports of the former wanting to leave Paris Saint-Germain..
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Mbappé and Salah swap deal speculation re-emerges as a self-proclaimed Egyptian “reliable transfer journalist” hyped it the rumour again following reports of the former wanting to leave Paris Saint-Germain..

Sure enough, it was hyped again! A man in Egypt who describes himself as a “reliable transfer journalist” from local outlet, Ismael Mahmoud, re-hyped the old speculation of Paris Saint-Germain planning to swap France international star forward Kylian Mbappé with Liverpool for the latter’s Egypt international winger Mohamed Salah through his supposedly “official” Twitter account, as soon as reports alleging the former was unhappy with the club and demanding to leave in January on Tuesday.




According to Mahmoud’s “report”, he “received multiple reliable sources which convinced” that the defending Ligue 1 champions will use “everything in their power” to sign Mohamed Salah in the form of a swap deal as soon as possible.


He also claimed that Le Parisiens has been interested in Salah for a long time, and they also believe that this will be the best time to “rescue” the Egyptian star from the Premier League giants, who have performed very badly since the beginning of the season. And he even said that Paris Saint-Germain had “clearly” issued a “no Liverpool no sell or swap” order for Kylian Mbappé, which are all extremely ironic.


Sure enough, as soon as the “news” came out, it immediately attracted several British media The SunMirrorTalkSPORT and SportBible who often lied and reported fake news. The former even exaggeratedly made a “follow-up report” saying that Liverpool is ready to contact Paris Saint-Germain as soon as the winter transfer window opened in January, and has prepared to spend £300million to negotiate a swap deal between Salah and Mbappé.


Maybe because they were “not done yet”, they also “followed up” by fabricating a fake news which alleged that because new signing Darwin Núñez has made 10 appearances for Liverpool, hence Benfica has demanded the Reds for an additional at least £40million of add-ons.


Full of flaws


Without mentioning how absurd the “revelations” of Mahmoud and The Sun sounded, in fact, as long as you look into their lies, these can easily be debunked by itself.


First of all, Liverpool, which has always been known for its restrcited spending model, they had only spent hundreds of millions of pounds to sign Virgil van Dijk, Alisson, Naby Keïta, Fabinho and many more, on the basis that they are slowly spending the revenue that they had received from the record-breaking €170m deal of former player Philippe Coutinho’s transfer to Barcelona, and it was only last year that head coach Jürgen Klopp candidly and reluctantly admitted that he gave up the idea of signing of Erling Håland due to factors such as being involved in the transfer saga and the agent’s unreasonable commission fees demand. As such judging from the statement, it is completely impossible that the Reds would be willing to splash £300million this time.


Secondly, Liverpool, whose wage cap model is also very restrained, has needed to think about it for a whole year before they have complied to increasing Salah’s wages, who only extended a 5-year long-term contract while negotiating with him this summer. This was even done to point that it irked the now departed legendary star Sadio Mané so much, coupled by the signs that there is no intention to renew the contract of the club’s another soon-to-be-out-of-contract legendary star Roberto Firmino as soon as possible, also judging from the fact that Mbappé’s terrifyingly high amount of wages, this is by no means what the Reds will be willing to pay.


Furthermore, it does not fit the Paris Saint-Germain transfer model. Since snapping up Luis Campos this summer, they have repeatedly claimed that they wanted change their past policies by signing and nurturing young talents. Salah is 30 years-old, while Mbappé is still at 23, swapping the two may only work for their short-term plans, but in general, it still feels like a slap in the face.


Old speculations hyped up again and again


Finally, and the most crucial point, that is, whether it is the speculation that Mbappé wants to leave the club, or the speculation that Paris Saint-Germain wants to swap Mbappé for Mohamed Salah with Liverpool, both of them are old tricks which have been reported and hyped by the media again and again to the point that people are becoming tiresome of them.


In fact, the speculation that Mbappé wants to leave the club are always hyped up by the Spanish media MARCAMARCA, which has always been known as the mouthpiece of Real Madrid, has always used the club’s name to associate with many famous footballers across Europe in transfer speculations whenever it can bring beneficial purposes to Real Madrid.


On October 11, the media who claimed and hyped that the relationship between Mbappé and Paris Saint-Germain had broken down, and he had ignored the fact that he had just renewed his contract with the club with a sky-high wages and would still wanting to leave the club in January is MARCA‘s reporter Mario Cortegana.


Coincidentally, there was also a media who reported at the end of December last year which hyped a rumour that Salah demanded the club to sign Mbappé as part of his leverage during his contract negotiation with Liverpool, or that he would leave the club even if its in the form of a swap deal in order to link up with Mbappé. Guess who fabricated such fake speculation? “Coincidentally”, it was also MARCA.


It has been a known fact, as the mouthpiece of Real Madrid, MARCA has repeatedly been making up news in recent years that Mbappé is determined to join Los Blancos. Not only that, but they have also been releasing news for many years to create the illusion which seemed Salah wants to move to Real Madrid too. It was only since Salah was injured by Sergio Ramos and was forced to leave the field holding a grudge in the Champions League final a few years ago, that MARCA has reduced the hype which claimed Salah wants to join Real Madrid.


And now MARCA is once again hyping that Paris Saint-Germain plans to swap Mbappé for Salah all because the team’s leading center forward Karim Benzema is injured, as such they will fabricate such fake news again, in order to help Real Madrid release the message that club President Florentino Perez is still determined to sign Mbappé.


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