Manchester United’s home game against Arsenal Cristiano Ronaldo will become a major focus
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Manchester United’s home game against Arsenal Cristiano Ronaldo will become a major focus

The Red Devils Manchester United will face Arsenal, who have won 5 consecutive victories at Old Trafford in the sixth round of the Premier League in the 2022/23 season, so Arteta’s team will naturally win 6 consecutive victories. be the biggest goal.

Manchester United has achieved a very good 3-game winning streak since the start of this season. In the 2 rounds, it was directly at the bottom of the standings with 0 points, and currently ranks 8th with 9 points. Arsenal have won 5 consecutive victories all the way after the start, and they are now more pressing last season’s champion Manchester City to rank first in the standings.

Arsenal’s away game against Manchester United is also a very difficult game, but Manchester United coach Ten Hag also believes that this game is also a real test. In addition, the new aid Anthony is also expected to make his debut in this campaign, but most of them will wait for the opportunity to play on the bench.

It is worth mentioning that whether the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo will return to the starting lineup is also one of the major focuses of the game. In the previous 3 rounds, Cristiano Ronaldo was on the bench, only in the second round 0-4 lost to Bren. Tford started the game in the game and has not scored a goal or contributed an assist since the beginning of the season.

According to the data, this is also Cristiano Ronaldo’s longest goal drought at the start of the season in 17 years. The last long goal drought was in the 2005/06 season, when he didn’t score a goal in seven rounds.

As for Arsenal, the combination of Odegaard and Martinelli on the offensive line will bring great problems to Manchester United’s defense. These three players each scored 3 goals in 5 rounds. Even Jesus Also contributed 3 assists, the strength is very strong. However, Arsenal currently has Thomas and Zinchenko injured, which makes Arsenal’s overall strength a hidden concern.

In addition, Manchester United and Arsenal have played against Arsenal 236 times. Manchester United has an advantage of 98 wins, 53 and 85 losses, but only 1 win, 3 and 4 losses in the past 8 games. In the 2021/22 season, both sides won the game at home, with Manchester United winning 3-1 after relying on Ronaldo to score 2 goals, while Arsenal also won Manchester United 3-1 at home.

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