Manchester City eye Atlanta teenage star
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Manchester City eye Atlanta teenage star


Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola is good at teaching, and he is also good at digging and cultivating young stars. According to the news, Guardiola in order to strengthen Manchester City’s back line, he looked for Atlanta ‘s teenage star – George Scalvini .


Now playing for Atlanta, Scaverny was born in December 2003. At the age of 18 , he has a tall stature of 194cm . Scalvini has a dazzling performance in defensive ability. He is very responsive, and he is handy in intercepting, stealing or predicting card positions.


Scalvini can not only be a central defender, but also a full-back and a midfielder.


Atalanta’s contract with Scalvini only runs until the summer of 2023 , which means he could start preparing to switch teams in January , but he claims he’s happy with the current environment.


In an interview with “Bergamo”, Scalvini was asked about the rumors about him and Manchester City. He said that he did not know the news, but he learned it from friends. In fact, Scalvini has not thought about this issue, and now he only has Atlanta in his mind.


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