Make the National Team Anti-Loss! PSSI Decides to Extend Shin Tae Yong’s Contract
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Make the National Team Anti-Loss! PSSI Decides to Extend Shin Tae Yong’s Contract

Make the National Team Anti-Loss! PSSI Decides to Extend Shin Tae Yong's Contract

PSSI, through its president, Mochamad Iriawan, stated that he’d extend Shin Tae- yong’s contract. The contract of Shin Tae- yong, the trainer of the Indonesian National Team, is presently under public discussion.

Football lovers encourage PSSI to renew Shin Tae-yong’s contract. In addition, the South Korean coach’s contract will expire in 2023. With Shin Tae-yong honing the players in the Indonesian national team, their achievements are growing rapidly. He managed to create a stylish scheme in Indonesian public platoons of all ages, from U-19, U-23, to seniors.

One of the concrete evidences is that Shin Taeyong managed to bring the general platoon of Indonesia U-20. In addition, bringing Indonesia’s senior general platoon to qualify for the U-20 Asian Cup and 2023 Asian Cup. Because it would be veritably strange if Shin Tae- yong’s contract in the Indonesian public platoon wasn’t extended.

Mochamad Iriawan’s protestation

Shin Tae-yong’s contract actually only expires after the end of the 2023 U-2O World Cup. However, now he will extend PSSI’s Shin Tae-yong contract.

” But I, as the General Chair of PSSI and of course, have coordinated with Exco to extend Shin Tae- yong’s contract,” said Iriawan on the PSSI functionary website.

Iriawan’s statement is easily a good sign for Indonesian football suckers. Seeing Shin Tae- yong’s excellent performance, PSSI suckers are veritably happy if he remains the trainer of the Garuda platoon.

In line with that, Mochamad Iriawan revealed, the duration of the contract delay for Shin Tae-yong will be discussed first. He will let you know soon.

“For how many times to extend the contract, we bandied first,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Shin Tae- yong himself is busy with a number of solid dockets with the Indonesian public platoon. Next, he has to prepare for the elderly Indonesian public platoon to meet Curacao again at the FIFA Matchday on Tuesday, September 27, 2022.

In addition, Shin Tae- yong also has schoolwork to prepare for the 2023 Asian Cup, both at theU-20 and elderly situations. Not to mention the docket for the 2023U-20 World Cup, which will take place in Indonesia.

PSSI reason

likewise, Iriawan revealed the reason his party would extend Shin Tae- yong’s contract. PSSI looks at the performance, performance, and input from netizens.

” We also see far and wide the pressure from netizens for pigsty to be extended has also strengthened,” said Iriawan.

” On that base, of course, piecemeal from seeing the platoon’s performance, PSSI’ll extend the contract in question. For how numerous times the contract is extended, we will bandy further.”


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