Magic wounded soldiers suffered a five-game losing streak! Worst Eastern Conference Team
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Magic wounded soldiers suffered a five-game losing streak! Worst Eastern Conference Team

The Orlando Magic has another bad news today after numerous player injuries, saying that 22-year-old guard Cole Anthony suffered a trapezius strain and will be sidelined until a return schedule is determined after an evaluation.

Anthony was injured in today’s 103-92 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment after the game. The Magic team later confirmed his injury, and an evaluation report on the severity of the injury is still pending. .

It is worth noting that the Magic has 4 players on the injury report list in the preseason, including 25-year-old forward Jonathan Isaac, who has been out of action for nearly 2 years with a slow recovery from his left knee injury, and a left knee meniscus removed. 28-year-old guard Gary Harris, who is recovering from the surgery, 25-year-old forward Admiral Schofield with a bruised left knee, and 24-year-old guard Markelle Fultz, who was the No. 1 overall pick in 2017, also suffered broken left toes. And the injury truce.

The recent addition of 21-year-old guard Jaylen Suggs, who sprained his right ankle, is out indefinitely, and now Anthony is involved, which puts the Magic in an unprecedented wave of injuries that will obviously affect the Magic seriously. The team’s overall performance this season.

Magic wounded soldiers suffered a five-game losing streak! Worst Eastern Conference Team

Defenders are weak

With Anthony’s injury and absence, only the 21-year-old R.J. Hampton can play a major role in the current backcourt lineup, and the rest are lacking in strength, which leads to the scarcity of the team’s backcourt lineup. The Magic’s backcourt lineup will be Forced to rely on the support of young forwards in the front lineup during the game. This year’s 19-year-old No. 1 pick Paul Banqueiro and 21-year-old Franz Wagner’s ability will be allocated to assist the backcourt.

The lineup of injured and disabled players will be the biggest problem facing the Magic this season, although Fultz once said before the injury that the Magic could rank among the top 4 in the Eastern Conference this season. with considerable confidence.

However, the reality is always unsatisfactory. The guard later suffered an injury crisis, and the Magic became the bottom team in the Eastern Conference since the beginning of the season. It has now swallowed five consecutive losses and has not yet won its first victory.

In addition, the teams that have yet to win a game in the NBA include the 2020 defending champion Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings, who insist they will break through the multi-year playoff drought.


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