Linked With Lionel Messi, What Is The Super Ballon d’Or Trophy?
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Linked With Lionel Messi, What Is The Super Ballon d’Or Trophy?

Lionel Messi, the star player of the Argentina national team, will end an impressive career by helping his country win the 2022 World Cup. Because of this, his name began to be associated with the Super Ballon d’Or trophy. However, could it be the Super Ballon d’Or trophy?

It is common knowledge that the Ballon d’Or is the most prestigious individual award. Football players who have potential can of course win this trophy. This perception has persisted for quite a long time. The winners of this competition have entered some of the world’s best players since it was first held in 1956.

Lionel Messi is the only player to have won this title seven times. This is a record for all history. This is another reason why Messi should be awarded the Super Ballon d’Or trophy at the end of the season.

Super Ballon d’Or trophy

The Super Ballon d’Or is the highest award that can be given to a soccer player. The reason is, the awarding of this one trophy is very rare. There is only one player in history who has managed to bring home the trophy.

This player is none other than the legendary Alfredo Di Stefano of Real Madrid. Moreover, the Argentina international scored 308 goals for Real Madrid. He had a key role in the club’s five successive Champions League wins between 1956 and 1960.

Linked With Lionel Messi, What Is The Super Ballon d'Or Trophy?

As a result of the striker’s achievements, he won the Ballon d’Or twice, in 1957 and 1959. But now, three years after receiving his second award. He returned to commemorate his achievements in an unusual way.

Di Stefano won the Super Ballon d’Or trophy at the event to commemorate the 30th anniversary of France Football magazine. In this competition, he faced two other players from Europe: Johan Cruyff (Netherlands) and Michel Platini (France).

Connect with Lionel Messi

Linked With Lionel Messi, What Is The Super Ballon d'Or Trophy?

Lionel Messi was finally able to end it by winning the World Cup. Many people who like him think he should get more prestigious awards.

“Only Di Stefano has ever been awarded the Super Ballon dOr, which is awarded to the player considered the best player of the last three decades. Give it to Messi, and let that be the icing on the cake for the unrealistic stories he is trying to tell,” said one supporter, as reported by the Sportible page.

Another person’s comment went, “I didn’t know this existed before, but now I know it exists, give it to Leo.”

“It will not be difficult for him (Messi). No one else in the last three decades has earned this recognition more than you,” wrote another.


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