Ligue 1 – Savarin’s key 3rd point helps Troyes beat Strasbourg 3-2
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Ligue 1 – Savarin’s key 3rd point helps Troyes beat Strasbourg 3-2

In the 17th round of the 2022-23 Ligue 1, Troyes played at the Menau Stadium against Strasbourg. Originally Troyes took the lead, and Strasbourg tied in the second half. Fortunately, Savarin scored the crucial third point, and Troyes narrowly beat Strasbourg 3-2.

First Half

In the 16th minute, the Troyes player shot, but was blocked by the Strasbourg player. Ripart rushed forward and the ball went straight into the net. Troyes scored the first point first.

Only 4 minutes later, in the 20th minute, Brown made a long pass, and the Troyes player received the ball and passed the ball. Giku from Strasbourg tried to block it but accidentally fell down. Lopez took the opportunity to shoot, and Troyes took the ball again. The next 2 points lead.

In the 41st minute, the Strasbourg player made a long pass, which was broken by Brown’s header, but Bill Glade’s header was diverted, and Diallo also scored with a header. Strasburg scored the first point successfully.

Second Half

In the 54th minute, Bill Glade passed the ball in the midfield. Dukure took the ball and shot from a long distance. The ball hit the post and bounced into the net. Strasbourg scored the second point and equalized the score.

In the 78th minute, Lopez took a corner kick, Shawarin volleyed the goal at the top of the arc, and Tewarin scored the third point.

At the end of the game, Strasbourg lost 2-3 to Troyes. With 11 points, Strasbourg is 19th in the table. Troyes is ranked 13th with 18 points.

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