La Liga – Angel Correa scores twice as Atletico beat Girona 2-1
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La Liga – Angel Correa scores twice as Atletico beat Girona 2-1

In the 8th round of La Liga in the 2022/23 season, Atletico Madrid beat Girona 2-1 at home.

In the first half, Griezmann picked a pass from the left and assisted Angel Correa to score. In the second half, Girona goalkeeper Juan Carlos made a huge mistake and finally allowed Angel Correa to score twice. Rodrigo Riquelme pulled one back and Stuani hit the bar with a header.

At the end of the game, Atletico Madrid rose to 4th in the standings with 5 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses, and 16 points, while Girona ranked 13th in the league after three consecutive losses.

first half

Atletico Madrid took the lead 1-0 in just 5 minutes: Griezmann picked a pass to the right of the penalty area, and Angel Correa scored from 6 yards in front of the goal.

For the next 40 minutes, Atletico continued to control the scene. In the 38th minute, Griezmann sent a precise through ball in the frontcourt, and Cunha’s small angle shot was blocked by Juan Carlos with his foot. After 2 minutes, Cunha took the ball from Griezmann and pushed the near corner again, but was saved by Juan Carlos; Angel Correa then shot from outside the penalty area, but still rejected by Juan Carlos.

second half

Juan Carlos made a remarkable save in the first half, but made a huge mistake in the opening stages of the second half: he passed the ball to Angel Correa in the 48th minute and assisted the Argentine to scoring.

Girona closed the gap in the 65th minute when Rodrigo Riquelme hit a long-range shot that hit Jimenez and deflected into the net.

Rodrigo Riquelme’s goal inspired his teammates to take the lead for the next 25 minutes. In the 77th and 86th minutes, Alex Garcia shot two long-range shots from outside the penalty area, but both were blocked by Oblak. In the 87th minute, Stuani headed the goal without being marked, but was categorically rejected by the crossbar.

Atletico finally maintained the lead into the final, ending the game 2-1.


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