La Liga – 3-1 win over Barcelona and Real Madrid to lead the standings
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La Liga – 3-1 win over Barcelona and Real Madrid to lead the standings

In the ninth round of La Liga in the 2022/23 season, a national derby was staged. The defending champion Real Madrid at the Bernabeu Stadium finally won 3-1 after relying on goals contributed by Benzema, Valverde and Rodrigo. Champions Barcelona.

From the beginning of the campaign to the 4th minute, Barcelona tried to create a threat. Frenkie de Jong attacked in the frontcourt, and then Rafinha’s long-range shot was confiscated by the Real Madrid goalkeeper.

In the 12th minute, Kroos sent a through ball from the left, Vinicius dribbled the ball to the left side of the penalty area and volleyed and was blocked, but Benzema seized the opportunity and shot the ball into the empty goal to help Real Madrid . Opened the record 1-0.

In the 25th minute, Barcelona organized an attack on the right side of the frontcourt. Rafinha crossed to the front and back of the goal. Lewandowski tried to shoot at the empty goal, but the ball was high above the goal post, making Barcelona lose a big goal. good opportunity. In the 35th minute, Mendy made a cross from the penalty area to the top of the arc. Valverde followed up and hit a low shot, allowing Real Madrid to continue to lead Barcelona 2-0.

Barcelona miss out on scoring chances again

In the 39th minute, Rafinha swayed against Mendy after taking the ball on the right side of the penalty area but could not pose a threat.

In the 63 minutes of the second half, Modric knocked down De Jong in the midfield, and then the referee on duty awarded Barcelona a free kick. After the player drove the free kick into the penalty area, because the distance was too close, the ball was directly blocked by Real Madrid. Goalkeeper Luning was confiscated. In the 68th minute, Real Madrid took a left corner kick. After Pedri made a header from the front point, Modric was kicked out of the cross from the left side of the penalty area.

In the 71st minute, Dembele was kicked when he took the ball on the right and cut to the top of the penalty area, allowing Barcelona to get another free kick. However, when Lewandowski took the penalty, the ball hit the wall and Barcelona lost the chance again.

In the 83rd minute, Fati crossed Valverde and scored an inverted triangle from the bottom line and passed back to the penalty area. Ferran Torres pushed and hit the empty goal, helping Barcelona regain a city 1-2. In the 89th minute, Rodrigo was kicked by Garcia in the penalty area. The referee looked back at VAR and awarded a penalty kick. Then Rodrigo took the penalty and made the score 3-1.

In the end, Real Madrid defeated Barcelona 3-1 and rose to the first place in the standings with 25 points.


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