Kanjuruhan Tragedy Becomes Momentum for Fixing Football Industry
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Kanjuruhan Tragedy Becomes Momentum for Fixing Football Industry

Kanjuruhan Tragedy Becomes Momentum for Fixing Football Industry

Teddy Tjahjono called the Kanjuruhan tragedy a instigation to fix the country’s football assiduity. He also hopes that this incident will be the last. A aggregate of 131 people failed in the Kanjuruhan tragedy that passed on Saturday (1/10). Hundreds of others are entering treatment in a number of hospitals.

” This is a strong rebuke for all stakeholders of the Indonesian football assiduity. We also call for all of us to look in the glass and fix any failings. So that there will be no further tragedies like the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang.” said Teddy as Director of PT Persib Bandung quality (PBB).

Teddy added that during League 1 2022/23, Persib had assessed a strict match system medium. Which includes a 100 percent online ticket deals system with comprehensive verification. Before entering the colosseum area, Persib has also enforced a cuff marker exchange medium. Not only that, there’s a security check that uses the 4 ring system to maximize the security aspect.

Andy Wardhanaputra’s opinion on the Kanjuruhan Tragedy

Of course, in the process of perfecting the medium of this match system, not all parties can incontinently accept it. still, Teddy believes that this can each be enforced duly and effectively. Because this is Persib’s trouble to produce a comfortable and safe match climate for all parties.

” Let’s get up together and give the stylish for Indonesian football. There’s enough contest between sympathizers. Enough casualties have fallen. Now is the time for us to look forward to the progress of Indonesian football,” he said.

President Director of PT Putra Sleman Sembada (PSS) Andy Wardhanaputra also conveyed the same thing. He said the Kanjuruhan tragedy could be a instigation for changing football culture in Indonesia.

According to Andy, this incident could be a turning point for the evaluation of the world of football in Indonesia. The evaluation starts from match operation. Until the contest between the club’s sympathizers began to change, which had been thriving.

“Of course we from PSS Sleman express our condolences for the tragedy or disaster in Kanjuruhan. I suppose we’ve to estimate together. Hopefully in the future we can hold matches well and comfortably.” said Andy.

” Also, I see this as a good instigation for suckers from colorful regions. perhaps there has been contest all this time, but lately I see there are events to unite.” he continued.

With the changing climate of football in Indonesia for the better. Andy also said the suckers could change to be more mature in responding to the match.

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