Juventus appoint Ferrero as president more than two months after Agnelli's resignation
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Juventus appoint Ferrero as president more than two months after Agnelli's resignation

It has been more than two months since Andrea Agnelli and all members of the board of directors announced their resignation due to investigations into the alleged falsification of financial data. Until January 18, Italian time, Exor, the Juventus holding company held by the Agnelli family, held a general meeting of shareholders to determine the new director candidates.

According to the official statement, Gianluca Ferrero was officially appointed as club president and Maurizio Scanavino was promoted to chief executive.

The composition of the other 3 internal committees is as follows:

The Remuneration and Appointments Committee is composed of Laura Cappiello (Chairman), Fioranna Vittoria Negri and Diego Pistone;

Control and Risk Committee, also known as Related Party Transactions Committee, is composed of Fioranna Vittoria Negri (Chairman), Laura Cappiello and Diego Pistone;

The ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Committee consists of Diego Pistone (Chairman), Fioranna Vittoria Negri and Laura Cappiello.

The general meeting of shareholders decided that the term of office of the new board of directors will end on June 30, 2025, and the members of the board of directors will not hold any shares of the company during their term of office. The annual salary of each director is determined to be 40,000 euros, plus actual reimbursement expenses.

Speech by Gianluca Ferrero

After receiving the No. 1 jersey from Agnelli and Nedved, Gianluca Ferrero‘s excitement was beyond words. Talking about his task as president, he said: “We are committed to building a future for Juventus commensurate with its glorious 125-year history. We will lead Juventus to the glory of the sporting level and become the most powerful Italian football club.”

However, Ferrero’s immediate task is to comprehensively manage and rectify the club’s financial situation. “As you all know, challenges await us in the coming months,” he said. “As a board of directors, we believe that we have the experience, competence and determination to defend Juventus before all sectoral institutions, be it criminal, sporting or civil.”

“From beginning to end, we will maintain a rigorous but not arrogant and calm attitude. We will respect all those who are asked to judge us, but we will seek equal respect at the same time.”

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