Joe Mazulla, Interim Coach Boston Celtics Debuts and Wins
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Joe Mazulla, Interim Coach Boston Celtics Debuts and Wins

Joe Mazulla, Interim Coach Boston Celtics Debuts and Wins

Joe Mazulla presumably noway allowed he’d attack the Boston Celtics directly. He was appointed as interim trainer. Because presently, the head trainer, Ime Udoka is still carrying out the discipline.

In the Celtics’ initial match of the season, they managed to beat rivals the Philadelphia 76ers. The match took place at TD Garden on Tuesday (18/10) original time with a score of 126- 117. This is also a special moment. Because, the Celtics also held an event to commemorate NBA legend, Bill Russell, who failed on July 31, 2022.

“It was a proud moment. I suppose it started with a homage form for Bill Russell. And just talking about the heritage he left on and off the pitch. It’s our responsibility to defend it and make our own heritage,” Mazulla told the NBA.

After the game was over, the Celtics players and officers entered the locker room. Mazulla gave praise to the players who appeared veritably emotional. The players celebrated the palm by dousing Mazulla with water from a drinking bottle.

” I suppose at the end of the game, when the’ Come on Celtics’ cheers echoed, it was like we were closing the season. When they cheer for you, it means you’re doing the right thing,” said Mazulla.

Jayson Tatum admires Joe Mazulla

In the game, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown commanded the Celtics. They both scored 35 points. Tatum seized a double with 12 rebounds.

Tatum and Brown came the first brace to score 35 points in the opening game since 1969. Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West were the last to do so.

“The thing that I respect and Joe is so honest that he does not always know everything. He wants us to help him as much as he helps us. It’s like we are in a relationship and we are all trying to achieve the same thing,” Tatum said.

Meanwhile, Udoka’s status is still as head trainer of the Celtics. He has been suspended throughout the season for committing internal platoon fouls.

” A decision on (Udoka’s) future with the Celtics outside of this season will be made at a after date,” the Celtics said in a statement at the time.


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