It’s frustrating to pick random heroes, and they give you a sense of security. (three)
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It’s frustrating to pick random heroes, and they give you a sense of security. (three)

It’s frustrating to pick random heroes, and they give you a sense of security. (three)

It's frustrating to pick random heroes, and they give you a sense of security. (three)

The most secure support hero is Zhang Fei, and the undead assassin heroine is Athena. Which hero is the most reassuring next? Congratulations to Meng Kuo, he is on the list again!

There are many types of heroes against the road , some are pure tank type or warrior type, depending on the player’s outfit, seeing that the team lacks the front row to absorb damage, you should be more conspicuous if you are walking on the sidewalk, and automatically produce meat equipment, if it is pure output, Once the team has a headwind, the chance of a comeback is probably less than 50%.

Physical defense or physical attack?

Under normal circumstances, the anti-road hero who buys output equipment naturally lacks frankness. For the same reason, if you have a few more pieces of meat equipment, you will not be able to deal burst damage and kill the back row in seconds. In a war of attrition, if you are not careful, you will be killed by the opponent in minutes. Like Athena, Mengkuo is an unpopular hero. Although the mechanism does not have any shielding effect, its frankness is amazing. It is not whimsical to jump over the tower and kill alone. That is because Mengkuo is one person, equivalent to a team .

Mengkuo: Has both stamina and output

Mengkuo ‘s frankness is extremely high, beyond your imagination. One big move calls four soldiers to fight with him. The attributes of the soldiers are boosted by various attributes of Mengkuo. With him, this attribute will increase.

Not only that, the ultimate move can also switch between two forms, namely the offensive posture and the defensive posture, which can be carried and played, and can be attacked and defended. After summoning the soldiers, attack them head-on, the damage-free effect is 30%, and there is still 10% during the charging period, and the skill’s damage-free time is very long, far better than Hua Mulan.

Remind you that skills are only one of the channels to improve your own ability to be beaten, not counting Mengkuo’s builds and inscriptions. You are not afraid of jumping the tower, not to mention being beaten by a group, the team has been covered, just looking at the lineup and the front row, I am very confident in the output environment, this time I will win! Don’t look at Mengkuo’s toughness and high damage, he is preconceived and thinks that his operation difficulty is as high as that of a displacement assassin. Mengkuo basically does not need any practice. .

Teammates choose the right tank hero to eliminate the anxiety in their hearts. If they are replaced by mage, what would you think? The next article will reveal the answer for you, please continue to follow 77577 Sports .


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