It’s frustrating to pick random heroes, and they give you a sense of security. (Four)
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It’s frustrating to pick random heroes, and they give you a sense of security. (Four)

It's frustrating to pick random heroes, and they give you a sense of security. (Four)

In the past, everyone loved the position of the mage , and a position was a fight to the death, and there were often scenes of bumping into positions and falling out, leading to the restart of the game. After several seasons revisions, other positions have already risen, and the main output positions have been given up to assassins and shooters. The difficulty of masters is low, and most players are now indifferent to masters.

On the contrary, recently, players are rushing to play assassins and shooters. Players who are used to junglers do not trust their teammates to be competent, so they should just take an extra assassin and go to the counter jungler with punishment to prevent my jungler from collapsing, and there are backup assassins. With the rhythm, it may be the national uniform, and the last person will fly everyone, and the four teammates will only be “scorned” and despised by him.

Mage is busy

There are more things to deal with in the middle than we imagined, clearing the line and defending the tower, and then going to other branches to support, but the stay should not be too long, the timing is wrong or the pull is too long, it is too late to go back to defend the line, the defense in the middle is broken, then It’s troublesome. Without a tower in the middle, it is equivalent to losing control of the wild area and the chance of escape, and the enemy will rush to the wild, especially the buff.

Speaking of mages, teammates are most afraid of others coming out with entry-level mages, such as Tanji and Angela. Although they have high bursts, when they come to high-end games, their performance is limited. The intensity reaches the extreme, and there is no breakthrough. Everyone knows how to restrain , the rank has increased, and low-end mages are still seen everywhere, which really makes teammates uneasy, but the mages of Nuwa are different.


Nuwa is an extremely unpopular hero, and there are only three types of skins, a companion skin “Nile Goddess”, a battle order skin “Syomo’s Light”, and a limited legendary skin “Mending the sky”. The battle order skin and legendary skin are sold for a limited time. Players who miss it can only be forced to use the companion skin full of anchor points, only for the 10-point magic attack bonus.

It can be seen that there is no epic-level skin, which is enough to prove how low her popularity is. In the canyon, the less popular the hero, the higher the strength, and Nuwa is no exception. Don’t look at her skill delay time is long, it is very difficult to dodge. It’s easy, Nuwa always surprises her teammates at unexpected times, especially in high-end games. She is classified as a long-time magician, but she gives her a full sense of security. The next part will analyze the existence of Nuwa for you. How amazing, remember to keep following 77577Sports !


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