It’s frustrating to pick random heroes, and they give you a sense of security. (five)
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It’s frustrating to pick random heroes, and they give you a sense of security. (five)

It's frustrating to pick random heroes, and they give you a sense of security. (five)

The hero Nuwa is often underestimated by low-end players, because the skills seem to be harmless at all. Putting a few squares and pushing it again will consume unsightly power. When the early assassins were attacked, they lost their lives. Hard to beat the enemy to the residual blood, even the head can’t be harvested, the damage is not as good as an entry-level mage.

Skill Mechanism

Players said that Nuwa , who uses mythological history as the background of the story, should go back to heaven. The goddess of Nuwa landed in the canyon, which should be a blessing, not a sin for you. Nuwa’s mechanism is different. It has four skills. Let me briefly introduce it. Passive skills make her vision wider as she upgrades. One skill repels enemies on the path, and then spreads out a cross-shaped array, causing two stages of damage. The second skill creates a matrix space, the third skill teleports remotely, with a control effect after landing, and the ultimate skill radiates energy in a straight line, causing full map damage to enemies on the path.


Although they are discriminated against by the low-end game, after all, they like simplicity and rudeness, but the players in the high-end game have no objection to the mage . She, who seemed to be harmless in the early stage, has a very high value, and the enemy in the center of the cross column will Take double damage.

Positioning as a long-range mage, there are always some shortcomings, that is, walking too slowly, Luban No. 7 ‘s short legs move like a turtle, and Nuwa is slowly drifting past you. Sure enough, the gods are different, but fortunately, her passive skills attack The opponent in the middle will mark, and then launch an attack to increase the movement speed, relying on passive self-protection, and relying on three skills to transmit support.

The four skills, used separately, have different functions, the first skill knocks back, the second skill slows down and blocks, the third skill transmits, and the fourth skill damages. Unexpectedly, once the four skills focus on the same target, first land the control, put a block behind the enemy, then push it to the position, and at the same time follow up with the ultimate move, the burst damage, on the spot stunned everyone, a few All the crispy skins were killed instantly, and I never thought about being pushed and pushed by Nuwa, and then suddenly killed.

Why do you say Nuwa always brings surprises? That’s because the big move is released all over the map, a command is destroyed, and there is no vision judgment, you can harvest the enemies who return to the city, open the aiming position at the critical time, and even have a chance to grab the dragon buff, so you can help the team to turn around, in the later stage Nu Wa can not ignore, especially the big move.


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