Inventory of the World Cup 10 most memorable moments (3)
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Inventory of the World Cup 10 most memorable moments (3)

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has also ended for some time. Surprise results, stunning goals, brilliant saves, memorable celebrations and record-breaking feats have all been on display over the past month. Take a look at a selection of 10 unforgettable game footage.


Japan beats Germany in group stage opener

German players covered their mouths in protest of FIFA’s threat to punish them for wearing rainbow armbands before the Group E opener.

However, the result of this game stunned the German players even more, because the Japanese team scored successive goals from the substitutes Don Anru and Asano Takuma and won the game 2-1. The Japanese fans present were overjoyed.


World Cup situation disrupted by Group E finale

Group E got off to a good start, with Germany losing to Japan and Spain thrashing Costa Rica 7-0. The two games on the final night were chaotic and almost turned things upside down.

Germany must beat Costa Rica in this battle, and it must rely on Spain to beat Japan in order to advance to the second place in the group. When the game reached halftime, the situation seemed to be developing towards this script, but it turned around in the end.


Mbappe unbeatable against Poland  

French star striker Kylian Mbappe has consolidated his status as the world’s top player in this tournament, and the 1/8 final match against Poland showed an unrivaled momentum.

He first created an opportunity for his teammate Giroud to win first, and then he showed his skills and scored two goals in a row, leading the team to an easy 3-1 victory. The speedometer showed that his fastest speed in this race was 35.3 kilometers per hour.


Cameroon players beat Brazil, Tai He got a red card and left the field

In the final match of Group G, Cameroon relied on Abu Bakar’s header in stoppage time to score the winning goal and beat Brazil, which had already advanced, 1-0. Cameroon failed to qualify, but became the first African team to beat Brazil in the World Cup.

The referee walked over to shake Abubakar’s hand after he undressed and celebrated, then showed Abubakar’s second yellow card and a red card after two yellow cards, announcing that Abubakar was sent off.


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