Inter Milan no longer raises Skriniar’s salary offer
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Inter Milan no longer raises Skriniar’s salary offer

According to reports, Inter Milan did not meet Skriniar’s salary requirements because they were afraid of disrupting the balance of the locker room.

Inter Milan is still trying to complete the contract renewal with Skriniar . Inter Milan has proposed the most lucrative contract, which is at the same level as the salary of other important players of Inter Milan. There is no deadline for Skriniar to give respond.

Inter Milan’s current insistence on not raising the salary offer on Skriniar ‘s contract renewal is to avoid the unreasonableness caused by continuing to increase the offer, because it will definitely affect other important players and will inevitably break the contract. The balance of the locker room. At that time, more important players may consider leaving the team on free transfer when their contracts expire.

Therefore, Inter Milan continues to wait for the players to give a reply. However, as time goes by, Inter Milan fans have less and less hope for the players to renew their contracts.

In addition, Inter Milan midfielder Gagliardini had previously complained that he played too little time, and Gazzetta dello Sport commented on this.

Gagliardini has said he does not want to play so little and will decide on his future in June.

“Gazzetta dello Sport” stated that Gagliardini said these words and basically confirmed that he “broke” with Inter Milan and Inzaghi Jr. Gagliardini’s six-and-a-half-year spell at Inter, however, is already a privilege. The player is now 28 years old, and he is not a phenomenal player. Because if it is a very good player, Inter Milan may have given a suitable renewal offer. Gagliardini should be grateful to Inter instead of complaining here.

In addition, according to the “All Market” report, Rebic injured his thigh adductor muscle and missed the Milan game after the rematch. He resumed participating in the team’s joint training on Monday. Milan will care about the Super Cup against Inter Milan, and Rebic is expected to return and enter Milan’s squad.


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