Indonesian National Team Knows AFF Cup 2022, How Does Shin Tae Yong Fate?
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Indonesian National Team Knows AFF Cup 2022, How Does Shin Tae Yong Fate?

The defeat of the Indonesian National Team in the AFF Cup Semifinals made many question the fate of Shin Tae Yong. The reason is, Shin Tae-yong was unable to lead the Indonesian national team to victory in the 2022 AFF Cup.

The Indonesian national team has a responsibility to recognize a team of Vietnam’s caliber. Because they were able to beat Shin Tae-yong’s Garuda Squad with a score of 2-0.

In the second leg of the 2022 Asian Football Cup, Vietnam managed to beat Indonesia to advance to the final. My Dinh Stadium is the location for the Vietnam vs Indonesia match. The hopes of the Indonesian national team to win the 2022 AFF Cup were dashed by this defeat.

Moreover, the Indonesian national team was only able to achieve a draw in the first leg of the 2022 AFF Cup semifinals. At the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, the match between Indonesia and Vietnam ended in a goalless draw. Then, what about the fate of Shin Tae Yong?

Mochamad Iriawan Had Revealed Shin Tae Yong Fate

Indonesian National Team Knows AFF Cup 2022, How Does Shin Tae Yong Fate?

Even though it failed, it seems that Shin Tae-yong’s progress in the Indonesian national team will not be affected. The reason is, PSSI Chairman Mochamad Iriawan leaked information on Shin Tae Yong’s fate if he is unable to win the 2022 AFF Cup.

Mochamad Iriawan was the one who broke the news to everyone before the 2022 AFF Cup started. The individual who is familiarly called Iwan Bule said that there would be an assessment. Simply put, Mochamad Iriawan assessed that Shin Tae-yong had brought many positive changes to the Indonesian national team.

The proof is that the Indonesian national team is able to increase its FIFA ranking as well as the opportunity to qualify for the 2023 Asian Cup.

“Of course, we will make repairs later. We will discuss with Exco friends about what steps to take next.” Mochamad Iriawan said.

“But I believe that all processes are correct. And the development under STY (Shin Tae-yong) is also quite significant. We were able to secure our place in the Asian Cup, and that includes yesterday. There has been a gap of 15 years. The rankings are also there which went up, from 179 to 152. We are grateful. Have faith in procedures,” he said.

So far, Shin Tae-yong’s performance in the AFF Cup has arguably gotten worse. If this coach from South Korea has succeeded in leading the Indonesian national team to the round of fighting for the 2020 AFF Cup title.


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