Indonesia International Challenge 2022 | Esther Wins First Title!
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Indonesia International Challenge 2022 | Esther Wins First Title!

Indonesia International Challenge 2022 | Esther Wins First Title!

The Indonesian women’s mates badminton player, Ester Nurumi Tri Wardoyo, managed to score her first title at the Indonesia International Challenge 2022. The 17- time-old player’s trip to the final round of the Indonesia International Challenge was sensational.

In the quarter- tests, Ester Nurumi Tri Wardoyo managed to beat Bilqis Prasista who had better experience. In the semifinals, Ester again met one of the elderly players, Gabriela Meilani Moningka. Even against a further elderly player, Esther didn’t blench. So he managed to beat Gabriela through a rubber game.

These results also succeeded in bringing Ester to the final round. This is the alternate time he has entered the final round after the 2022 Mongolia International Challenge. In the final match, Ester’s opponent was Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi. Komang is one of the players who are part of the Indonesian platoon in the prestigious Uber Cup 2022 event.

In the former event, Indonesia International Series Komang also made it to the quarter- tests. still, that didn’t make Esther’s guts shrink. He played the final at GOR Amongrogo, Yogyakarta, Sunday (2/10/2022). Esther managed to win over Komang.

Indonesia won three titles in the Indonesia International Challenge 2022

Indonesia International Challenge 2022 | Esther Wins First Title!

Women’s mates Ester Nurumi Tri Wardoyo presented her first title. That one player succeeded in overthrowing the first seed who was also his training mate. He managed to beat Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi in a three- platoon match. The winning score is 15- 21, 21- 14, 21- 15.

The palm led Esther to her first title in a elderly position event. Esther entered a cash prize ofUS$,125 or about 17.2 Million.

” Moment I just played recklessly, did not really suppose about the pattern of the game, especially in the third game. Keep chasing the ball anywhere, you do not want to lose anyway.” Esther said.

” Surely this (winning title) will increase my confidence. This is my capital for the 2022 Junior World Championship. also, I also have a target,” he added.

Women’s doubles Anggia Shinta Ananda/ Putri Larasati who contributed the alternate title for Indonesia. The two players managed to beat Taiwan representatives Sung Yu- Hsuan/ Wang Szu- Min with a score of 21- 19, 22- 20. It was their first transnational title since the brace this time.

In the mixed doubles final, Akbar Bintang Cahyono/ Marsheila Gischa Islami won the All Indonesia Final. They succeeded in overthrowing Adnan Maulana/ Indah Cahya Sari Jamil with a score of 21- 17, 14- 21, 21- 16.


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