Including Lionel Scaloni, These are the 5 Youngest Coaches Bringing the National Team to Win the World Cup
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Including Lionel Scaloni, These are the 5 Youngest Coaches Bringing the National Team to Win the World Cup

There are other young coaches besides Lionel Scaloni who have won the World Cup. Five young coaches throughout history were able to carve a similar record.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup, packed with tension and drama both on and off the field, has just come to an end. After beating France as group leaders, Argentina emerged victorious and claimed the championship title.

Apart from bringing Argentina to win the 2022 World Cup, Lionel Messi has broken a number of historical goalscoring records. One of the historic records that Messi is breaking is winning the Golden Ball twice (2014, 2022).

Head coach, Lionel Scaloni, also deserves the spotlight. He is one of only five coaches under the age of 40 to have won the World Cup with the team he has coached. Who are the trainers?

Youngest coach besides Lionel Scaloni to win the World Cup

1. Lionel Scaloni

Including Lionel Scaloni, These are the 5 Youngest Coaches Bringing the National Team to Win the World Cup

After leading Argentina to victory in Qatar, Lionel Scaloni is now officially part of World Cup history.

He became the fifth youngest coach in the competition’s history to win the prestigious trophy. Scaloni was only 44 years old when he led Italy to victory over France in the championship game.

This young coach not only won the 2022 World Cup. But also answered criticism by winning the 2021 Copa America and the 2022 Finalissima Trophy. Where everything happened in less than two years.

2. Cesar Luis Menotti

It turns out that long before Scaloni, there was another coach from Argentina who successfully led his country to win the World Cup. More specifically, Cesar Luis Menotti.

Menotti was a key contributor to Argentina’s victory in the 1978 World Cup. They won by beating the Netherlands with a score of 3-1. Cesar Luis Menotti was 39 years and 8 months old when he competed in the 1978 World Cup final.

3. Mario Zagallo

The public had to wait long enough before watching a young coach win the World Cup. That didn’t happen until 1970, when Mario Zagallo led Brazil to victory and took home the trophy.

In the end, Zagallo won over Italy and brought home the World Cup trophy. After leading his team to a 4-1 win in the championship game.

Mario Zagallo has 38 years and 10 months under his belt by the time the championship game gets underway. Naturally, Suppici’s record as the youngest coach still remains unbroken after so many years. Even after Brazil won the 1994 World Cup, Zagallo was still listed as the team’s assistant coach.

Uruguay National Team Coach

4. Alberto Suppici

Alberto Suppici is the name of a coach who carved his name in historical records. Where he led Uruguay to win the 1930 World Cup.

Suppici is not only the youngest coach in World Cup history. But he also led Uruguay to victory for the first time. By the time Uruguay won 4-2 over Argentina, he was only 32 years old.

5. Juan López Fontana

Juan Lopez Fontana is one of the coaches who helped Uruguay win the 1950 World Cup. This was Juan Lopez Fontana’s first World Cup. When he won the championship against Brazil, Fontana was 42 years and 9 months old.

Not only because of his achievements, but also because he went against predictions that Brazil would win. Fontana recently admitted that he is proud of Uruguay for winning the championship.


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